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May 12, 2009

Other people's creativity

Kate Hart
Pretty much all of the time usually allotted for creativity at my house has been spent here:

This is the first time in five years that I haven't been a) bloated like a hot air balloon from infertility treatments, b) pregnant, or c) nursing a relatively newborn. I am pretty psyched to actually get to work in our garden this year.

You already know what we're growing, since I posted our garden rocks a few days ago, and at this point there's really not much else to tell. So instead.... let's talk about inferiority complexes. Yes I'm serious.

Trinia and I were discussing our love/hate relationship with craft blogs. We're pretty similar: Mostly self-taught crafters who aren't afraid to try new things with our budget fabric allowances and low end sewing machines (we have the same one). On a good day, which are most days, we surf the interwebz, bookmarking other people's genius and scheming on ways we could make it our own.

But then there are the other days.

You know these days, whether you're a crafter or not, because they happen to everyone. "Nothing I do will ever be that good!" "I'll never be able to afford a machine/fabric/notions/a craft room that nice!" "There cannot possibly be any more good ideas left unthought!" "WHY EVEN BOTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR?!?" *throws self on the floor in a heap*

Luckily, those days are few and far between. Below are a few of the blogs that almost always inspire me, and only occasionally throw me into the pit of despair with their awesomeness.


One Pretty Thing overwhelms me daily with the sheer amount of awesome she posts everyday.

How About Orange
is great because she has fantastic craft ideas, but she also throws some quizzes, links and products out there.

Naptime Quilter: I pretty much love every.single.thing she blogs.

Everything at Oh Fransson gives me an inferiority complex.

Tallgrass Prairie Studio recently featured a red and teal quilt among her many fantastic endeavors.

Craft Apple posted this adorable quilted family tree. Hubby and I are both history geeks and I've been wanting to make a huge family tree for a long time. His side is fairly straight; mine looks like Edward Scissorhands went ballistic on a creeping vine. That will make more sense when you see my family tree someday, I promise. At any rate, what better way to combine my love of history and fabric than with a bigger version of this?


  1. I just wanted you to know that you give me an inferiority complex. You are that good.

  2. Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend. Also, your design work blows mine out of the water. Just so you know.

  3. Oh good, even more craft blogs to watch! Thank you!

  4. Yes! More craft blogs!

    Get real, you are very creatively talented, and you know it. (it's genetic, you know)

    History? I say again, history? Me thinks I can help you with a bit 'o that, m'dear. ;)

    (edward scissorhands?)


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