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June 23, 2009

Not as green as I'd like to be

Kate Hart
According to some people, I'm a bleeding heart liberal. According to other people, I'm not nearly crunchy enough for their tastes. According to me, moderation is key.

But according to this quiz, it would take somewhere between 3-5 planets to support the world if everyone lived like me. That's not great news.

I read The Urban Homestead over the weekend and loved it-- the way it was organized, the way the authors own the stereotypes with a tongue in cheek tone without apologizing for their optimism, the occasional mention of The Man and the apocalypse taking down hipsters, but most of all the fact that the projects were presented in a way that made them seem possible, without the preachiness that almost always accompanies advice on "going green."

Sustainability and green are such buzz words right now that I hesitate to use them, but they are a big topic in our household right now. We have lots of changes planned, some small and some very big. I'm hoping to blog about our progress here, since it ties in well with my DIY impulses, and I'm on the lookout for new blogs to add to my "living well" section, so give your suggestions in the comments!


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