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August 13, 2009

An experiment

Kate Hart
I know I don't have a ton of readers here, but I thought this would be a good experiment if anyone is interested in being a guinea pig. Cory blogged about the writing playlist she has for each work in progress. I have a few playlists for writing: One is just non-stop Radiohead, and the others are Pandora stations created around different moods, depending on what kind of scene I'm working on. But as an exercise in character development, I also put together a play list for each character.

My male main character has this play list. If you have some time to kill, listen to it, then come back and tell me what kind of character you picture. I'm still struggling with the female character, I think because her personality is harder to seperate from my own tastes, and of course they both suffer from the fact that I came of age in the late 90's and never quite grew out of that stage in my musical preferences.

I'd be glad to return the favor if anyone else is so inclined!

I wish I could take credit for this image, but sadly, I can't. Image credit here


  1. Your male character playlist reminds me of someone - someone that we both know, and I'm afraid that if I told you, it might change the direction of your character, so I'll leave that one be for a bit.

    For your female character, if you come up with one song that you think fits her, let me know what it is and I'll use the Genius feature of iTunes to come up with a playlist based on my library - it might be full of surprises.

    Lately, I've been writing a ton of code for that whole iPhone thing, when I need to get in a groove and just go, I can't be distracted by lyrics. Generally, code is really structured, so I find that something that is unstructured, really helps - so I queue up La Scala or The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett, or Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and focus.

  2. Ooh...This guy is dark. He's torn up by his love/obsession with a woman who cheated on him. Being with her is like hell, but he can't bring himself to stay away. Twisted!

  3. Money, you are full of awesome this week. I'm trying to be conscious of what traits I take for my characters from people IRL , although it took me weeks to realize I had cousins named Bryan and Kevin-- as I told Flynn, "Oh hai subconscious, I see what you did thar."

    Cory, now I have to make him more interesting to meet your expectations! :lol: Love it! Thanks!


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