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September 23, 2009

Waiting for feedback is like...

Kate Hart
ugh. It's like waiting on the sidelines at a junior high dance.
"Please pick me! You don't have to like, fall in love with me or something. Just take me for a twirl."
*looks down*

"I KNEW I shouldn't have worn a skort!"

*I did, in fact, wear a forest green skort to my first junior high dance. With loafers. And a white shirt with matching collar. Thankfully, I don't have a photo, or else I would feel compelled to share it too.


  1. And look! It was worth the wait, wasn't it? ;)

  2. LOL, of course. :) Waiting at AW is hard, but waiting for crits from people you know IRL is serious torture!

  3. Oh, IRL! Oh, gosh yes. Ten MILLION times worse! There needs to be a new adjective created just to describe it. lol


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