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October 19, 2009

Autumn in the yard

Kate Hart
Two weeks ago, we gave up our dreams of making ice storm mulch and instead had a massive bonfire. Goodbye, snake habitat, and good riddance.

But we did use some of the downed trees to outline new garden beds. It looks much better now that the yard is mowed and we've started filling in the paths with mulch (that we got for free from the city-- and was probably made from ice storm debris-- so in a way, still a win).

Later that day, clouds moved in. I sat on the deck and wrote while my husband tended the bonfire. It was a perfect afternoon and I got an incredible amount of outlining done.

We came home on Sunday to find that our pumpkins are wilted from frost (we assume), but we still have tons of tomatoes and peppers. ???

These guys are tiny. I don't think we'll be carving them for Halloween, unfortunately.


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