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October 12, 2009

Be a Character for Halloween: Part I

Kate Hart
I was looking for some literature-related inspiration for Halloween costumes, and Craftster never lets me down. They recently posted a whole collection of DIY costumes and crafts from Where The Wild Things Are.

They also featured the coolest Muppet costume I have ever seen. The woman who made them wins Halloween AND the internet, in my opinion.

(Not book-related, but... I also love this piñata costume.)


  1. hah! Those muppet costumes are crazy!

  2. Cookie Monster... Really should do something about that little addiction of his. :D

  3. After watching Avenue Q- I can never look at characters from sesame street the same again!

  4. Dude--that pinata costume rocks! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh yeah, and GO SOONERS!!!!! :)

  5. Amna, you're so right! :)

    Deb.... :( *sigh*


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