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October 21, 2009

Road Trip Wednesday: WIP Haiku

Kate Hart
It's YA Highway's third Road Trip Wednesday, but my first. This week: Turn your WIP into a haiku.

I only have one lonely untitled WIP at the moment, but here goes...
*clears throat*

Power can corrupt
absolutely even if
it’s not absolute.


  1. Ooo, very mysterious! I like it. Thanks for playing! :)

  2. Cool :) I like your haiku! Wasn't it fun to take a little break from the WIP to write about the WIP?

  3. Awesome!!
    (Also I have to say that it made me laugh how in that picture it says haiku in huge letters, with I <3 Mom next to it lol)

  4. Thanks everyone! Fun idea! :)


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