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November 13, 2009

Follow Friday, Blog Style

Kate Hart
Alternative title: When Cool Things Happen to Cool Kids

Networking is one of those things that I know is important. In theory. But I hate it. I've read tons of articles about its importance and cringed through them all, thinking, "How the hell am I going to network with authors? I live in Arkansas!"

But I read about a forum called Absolute Write, checked it out, and slowly but surely got sucked in. AW's Young Adult forum is friendly and full of talented writers of all ages and all stages of publication who are happy to offer support, constructive criticism and the occasional much-needed kick in the pants. Today I thought I would spread some blog love to some of the unbelievably nice people there.

Kids for whom Cool Stuff is Currently Happening:
  • As Stephanie puts it, "A is for awesome-- and agent!"
  • My fellow southern belle Krista just signed with an agent as well. Give her some love as she switches her blog from one platform to another.
  • HUGE news for Kody this week: Her book The Duff, scheduled to come out in 2010, has been optioned for film rights! More on her blog about what that means, exactly.
  • Kirsten's book Like Mandarin is due out in 2011, and she is currently traipsing about Europe. She also posts cute animals on a regular basis.
  • Katie's book Bad Girls Don't Die has been out for awhile (it's on my "to read" list). She was nice enough to leave me a thoughtful crit in the "share your work" forum, and her blog regularly features craftiness. You know how I feel about craftiness!
  • Hannah's book Break has gotten nothing but rave reviews, so far as I've heard.
(Apparently it helps to have a name that starts with K. Score!)

Cool Kids for whom Cool Stuff Should Happen ASAP
  • Cory let me read her awesome book Touched when I was a brand new newbie on AW. Turns out it's awesome and so is she.  
  • Deb keeps me in snark and snitches and demon exorcisms and Boomer Sooners.
  • Laura is an expat living in the UK who goes cool places (Istanbul, anyone?) and posts cool quilts.
  • I never know what Kathleen is going to post-- author interviews, funny videos, deep thoughts...
  • Race is delightfully random.
  • Vero posts tons of information about her current WIP and is just as sweet as they come.
  • Jamie doesn't have a blog linked but she does post on the OPWFT blog. She also has a Twitter feed and a wicked sense of humor.
  • Annie has some of funniest book titles ever.
  • Sage! Where's your blog?!?
Cool Kids who really are still Kids but are Cooler than I was as a Kid
  • Amna, Sarah, Karla, Emelia and Leasie are brave souls attempting school and writing at the same time. 
  • I *think* Margo and Laurie are teenagers. I'm afraid to be wrong. I'm pretty sure Margo could take me.
Cool Kids who don't post as much but I'm still pretty sure are Cool

ETA: Cool Kids with big freaking obvious links in their siggies that I somehow managed to miss

  • Verla Kay's Blue Boards also come highly recommended, but they don't run on VBulletin so I can't seem to navigate them.
  • If I missed you, I'm sorry!! It's nothing personal. Leave me a comment and I'll add you with an enormous mea culpa for being such a lameass.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I love your blog. :)

  2. You're missing Bex, Saltier, and Herbie!

    Thanks for the shout-out though!

  3. Krista, do you have links for them? I couldn't find them!

  4. This is an adorable post :)
    It's creepy how many of us K-named people there are...

  5. Hehe, I'm cool? Lol!

    Thanks- Pretty sure you just made my day XD

  6. There are SO. MANY. K NAMES. It's an epidemic. A good epidemic, but an epidemic.

    Makes me wish I was Kemilia or something. :D

  7. YAY for K names!! HAHAHA

    Cool post and thanks! This made my day! :D

  8. Dude, maybe I should be Kaura! :) Thanks for the link!!! And, you're too cool Kate with a K!

  9. Thanks for the shout out Kate (even though I'm, uh, somewhat late). Technically I'm 20, but close enough!


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