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November 24, 2009

What I'm Thankful For

Kate Hart
Borrowing the idea from Amy over at The Purple Patch: A Thanksgiving meme, in which ten things must be named-- but every other item must be writing related. O hai, I see what you did thar, Amy...

1. Good music. I walk around saying "radiohead radiohead radiohead" like a zombie, but they're actually not my favorite band. My most favorite band of all freaking time is The Black Crowes, and I've never given them any blog love. So here you go: My all time favorite song ever. Southern rock banjo piano goodness.

2. Twitter. I cannot quantify the amount I have learned about writing and the publishing biz.

3. My best friend. We are a little bit of a bad influence on each other..  which last night caused my husband to say "I can tell you two have spent the day together." I wish we got to spend more days together.

4. The laptop my husband bought from a co-worker on a whim for $100. It sure beats sitting in front of my desktop from 11:00-2:00 am every night.

5. The holy trinity: Crab rangoon, buffalo wings and queso dip

6. Fall. God I love fall. I love sitting on the deck in the cool weather with aforementioned laptop. I love it as a backdrop for my book. I love it as entertainment for my children.

7. Bacon.

8. Stephanie Meyer. Seriously. Because her wildly popular, controversial, loved, hated, copied, parodied and otherwise famous series has put YA in the spotlight and opened up doors for lots of other authors. Plus without her, I would never have been exposed to the insanity that is KStew Wants It, or seen Pocket Edward compose refrigerator poetry, and we wouldn't get brilliant SNL sketches like this one:

ETA: After I posted, I saw an interesting post about the series by David Zahir.

9. Health. We are by and large a healthy family, and we definitely take it for granted.

10. My family and friends. Not one of them has laughed at me since I've gotten back into writing, at least to my face, and for that I am eternally grateful.

My tagged victims are, in no particular order:
  • Natalie, for the win with the best blog name ever: Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies (But Apparently Neither Does Sex)
  • Where the Sarah Things Are
  • Trin at Pink Sugar Craftnicles
  • Mandy, my candidate for mom of the year
  • Mitzi, my fellow warrior in the non-profit world
  • Raychel at Forget a Fork In The Road
(...obviously they aren't writers so they don't have to follow the every other rule...)

and some writer friends-- since last week I linked basically everyone I know from AW, today I just linked awesome ladies I've talked to recently via Twitter, etc. Totally logical, right?
  • Kathleen at Stop Drop and Plot
  • Amanda at A Wannabe Writer's Blog
  • Kirsten at Wanderlove
  • Krista at Ramblings of a Steel Magnolia
  • Cory at A Writer's Blog
  • Laura at Goodbye Sun Hello Manchester
  • Jenn at Musings


  1. OMG--Love the Black Crowes, buffalo wings and queso! But I'm going to have to kill you, since I got named in the original meme and now I have virtually nobody to tag, lol! You wench!

  2. I know, I started to tag you again just for fun, but restrained myself. Um... pretend you didn't see my post first!

  3. Bacon Salt:

    Man's greatest invention since the computer.

  4. Word on Fall, SM, and bacon. Because those things are totally related! lol

  5. o_O Edward's refrigerator poetry = EPIC WIN.

  6. Kate - What a small world. I was just googling Nat's blog as I wanted to share it with Kristen White and came across yours!

    I know Nat through her friend Kel who I know from the forums.


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