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November 19, 2009

Winter gardening

Kate Hart
Did you know that you can grow vegetables in the winter? I didn't either. But husband is convinced it is possible. (See, people, this is why books are dangerous! They make people think!)

Seeds starting in our kitchen:

Cold frames in our garden. What's a cold frame? It's just a box with no bottom and a transparent lid. It retains heat like a teeny tiny greenhouse. Our green cold frame used to have a glass lid, but guess what happened when the lid slammed? Yup, glass all over my yard. So we switched to plastic.

Garlic is planted and sprouting in the farthest one. I know peas and herbs are also on the agenda.I'll let you know how this goes...


  1. That's so awesome! My grandmother used to do gardening and work in her greenhouse all the time. It's cool that you want to garden in the depths of this miserable half of the year, haha.

  2. Huh! Winter gardening....that must explain why my tomatoes and green peppers are producing more bounty, now, than they did all summer long.


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