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December 11, 2009

Geeks Go Gaga -OR- Follow Friday & Funny Stuff

Kate Hart
Good stuff on the interwebz this week:

  • Kody,, are doing "Agent Appreciation Day" today. Funniest post so far, in my humble opinion, is Kristin Miller's homage to her agent Suzie Townsend.

  • Myra wrote a beautiful post about how writing is not a solitary sport. By doing such a good job, she has temporarily absolved me of my responsibility to write a similar tribute to my own very supportive husband, because seriously-- no one can compete with that. Even Janet Reid liked it, and we've all seen how pointy her teeth are.
    ETA: Myra got some kind of important news today, too.

  • This was actually last week, but Cory wrote a hilarious post about what it's like to let someone you love read you your book.

  • The Writers' Christmas Carols on Miss Snark's First Victim (in the comments) are HILARIOUS, assuming you are, you know, a writer. My other friends and family may disagree.

  • Editorial Anonymous shows the importance of punctuation in "The Subtle Art of Form Rejections." (I'm saving these articles up for comic relief when I start the querying process.)

Only the roaches survive.
  • The Rejectionist points out, among other funny posts, that THE END IS NIGH.

Finally, from the Twittersphere, via @sarahshum:


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Kate!


    I am in tears right now. Those are my dream men. :D


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