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December 3, 2009

I do what the online voices tell me...

Kate Hart
...and Kirsten's told me to post pictures of coatis. So I am.

Although the pictures aren't as cute as I remembered them being, so I'm adding some monkeys.

These were all scanned from prints taken on my 2001 honeymoon in Costa Rica-- on the Osa Peninsula and in Monteverde, specifically.

Anyone else have cute or funny pictures to post today?


  1. I love them!!!

    My photos of monkeys tend to look like tree blobs.

  2. Beautiful animals. I saw a bunch of coatis and monkey's in Costa Rica.

  3. Oh those are great. I didn't even know what a coatis is!

    I do actually have a cute picture on my other blog. Just one, though:

    In case you're wondering, she belongs to a friend of the family. She was visiting with us for the holidays. :)


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