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December 19, 2009

I'm Hip! I'm Cool!

Kate Hart
Amna gave me a blog award! It is hard not to love someone who declares you are made of pure awesomeness, but I loved her before that anyway.

Confession: The fact that Amna is 17 makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, because although I'm writing for teens, this pretty much sums up the way I assume they think of me:

The best part is that I am required by blog award law to pass this on to five more people who are "full of pure awesome."
  1. Surprise! I pick Cory. Girl crushes make you do crazy things.
  2. Kirsten, the Wankergirl Wandergirl and baby animal fanatic
  3. Myra, home of Edward on a Stick and all around super niceness
  4. Kristin at Long Distance Drive, who mixes up the writing content with tasty recipes
  5. My super talented friend Trin at Pink Sugar Craftnicles, whose creativity always inspires me.
  6. And I'm cheating by adding a sixth: Kathleen at Stop, Drop and Plot, because I lurve her.
There are lots more who deserve it, but I have to leave people for my winners to pick, right? 


    1. That is one of my favorite scenes from the Austin Powers series. I take that back: the Austin Powers series is my favorite. LOL.

      "One... MILLION dollars!"

    2. OMG! I love Austin Powers!

      And its true! You and this blog are made of pure awesomeness!

      It was a pleasure to pass the blog award to you!


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