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December 28, 2009

Make It Monday: Easy Bookmarks

Kate Hart
I have it on good authority that having interests outside of writing is actually good for your writing, so Mondays around here will be dedicated to this blog's original focus: Do-it-yourself projects.


My oldest son, like most kids, developed a serious case of greed this Christmas. To counteract it, we had the boys make gifts for everyone on our list, and since almost everyone got books this year, bookmarks seemed like a good idea. We let them fingerpaint a piece of poster board together. Former preschool teacher trick: Only give them three or four colors, max. Otherwise they'll just make a big brown mess.  

After it dried, I cut the poster board into strips, wrote a message on the back of them and covered them in contact paper. Voila!

Useful gifts that also doubled as tags for the wrapped books!


  1. I remember making my own book marks in 6th grade.

    Pssst. I still have my bookmark!

    I love the ones you made :)

  2. Ooh, I love these. They look so pretty!

  3. Those are so awesome! It's great that your sons made them themselves. LOL about the brown thing, so true.


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