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December 14, 2009

A Writer's Wish List

Kate Hart

I have been really pretty good this year. I have some hot, freshly baked homemade cookies a brand new unopened bag of Oreos waiting for you and a nice cold piña colada glass of milk. If you would be so kind, I would really like to have the following waiting under the tree...

A big fat publishing contract:
For my family's sake, of course. Not at all for my personal satisfaction or ego aggrandizement.

Food delivery in my area
I live in the country, Santa. We do have one pizza delivery place-- but it's in a gas station. Gas station pizza does not feed brilliance. Thai delivery does.

A mute button for my children.
I love them. I really, truly do. And I work from home because I want to spend time with them. But could you use some of that North Pole magic to make their quiet time and my inspiration line up?


Coffee IV.
Enough said.

Mini-Edward, Jasper, etc.
Think of the epic blog posts I could write, Santa! EPIC!
(photo credit here)

My own personal, on-demand muse.
Agh, not these guys!

Better. Because I don't have a muse! Other people's characters talk to them! They dream about them! Why doesn't this happen to me, Santa?!? Am I defective as a writer in some way?

Books! Lots of books! 

But not a Kindle.* I don't know why, Santa. It just seems... wrong. It seems to be my last remaining Luddite holdout.

And... a photographic memory. To avoid those awkward "fumbling for my notebook in the middle of a conversation" or "scribbling on the shower wall with bath crayon" moments.

Thanks Santa. You're the best. I promise not to write you into any of my novels as the bad guy or give anyone questionable the name "Nick."

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*I don't really have anything against the Kindle. I didn't want an iPod either, and now I love it. Don't sue me, Amazon.


  1. I am also not liking the Kindle idea. I get why it's useful for agents and editors, but not for me. I like that new-book smell and the feel of the pages, thanks very much.

  2. Oh, I very much love that last pic ('time to write'). *puts it on my wish list*

  3. I'm with you on the Kindle. I like my books with pages and a cover.

  4. You're fabulous. With you on the e-reader, but Muse is a great muse! (:

  5. So sue me...I love my Kindle!

  6. I love your list - can I take it and give it to Santa for me also?

  7. I am so with you about the Kindle!

    And if you do get your own mini Jasper, erm. You should share. Festive season and all.


  8. Amazing list! I lol'd at some of those pictures :D

  9. Such a great list. I could do with a mute button for Hubs and the cats since I'm sans kids.

  10. I want "Time to write" stocked at Wal-Mart now!! Haha...


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