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January 11, 2010

Make It Monday: The Exception To This Year's Rule

Kate Hart
One of the few people on our Christmas list to not receive books was my Granny, who requested that I "make" her something. I knew that translated directly to "quilt." She requested brown and yellow, but my design muse refused, and brown, blue and green surfaced instead.

I also took inspiration from these quilts at Oh Fransson. (Too late, I see Oh Fransson has an entire series of tutorials on how to make a quilt like this. *headdesksewingtable*)


  1. Is there anything you DON'T do???

  2. Thanks Heather!

    Myra, math. Most definitely math. I also can't catch a ball without getting my nose broken, or sing in front of people without involuntarily crying. :) :glomp:

  3. Brown and yellow?! Ummm... not going to say anything.

    This are beautiful. You are truly insanely talented. :D

  4. That's very cute! I am dying to do something blocky with a nice, clean sashing.

  5. Granny absolutely adores her new quilt!


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