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January 28, 2010

Wordle and a hurdle

Kate Hart
You've probably seen other writers posting Wordles of their novels. It's a great tool-- just cut and paste your text to see a visual of what words you use the most. Even mid-draft, I was able to see that "eyes" and "looked" are way overused in my WIP, and part of my editing will now involve a search and destroy for those terms. When this draft is finished, I'll post the Wordle for it, but in the meantime, you can also use it to analyze your blog, and I kind of like mine:

I'm wondering if it only does the first page, though. It seems odd that quilt and sewing aren't on here.

Posting here will probably be light for the next few days. We're expecting a massive ice storm and after the last one, we're taking our prep seriously. We have a generator for limited power (i.e. heat and a few lights), but no promises on internet access.

Be sure to check out YA Highway tomorrow-- I already have Field Trip Friday set to post, and I'll be looking for your best publishing-related Chuck Norris jokes!


  1. Oh I must do this Wordle again. I tried a few weeks back after I saw this posted somewhere in AW, and then was able to edit a lot of "Shrugging" "biting lip" out of the MS.

  2. Nice wordle! I love playing with wordle.

    Chuck Norris rules.

  3. Wordle seems like such a cool thing. It's awesome that 'love' and 'read' are the 2 biggest ones for yours. :)

  4. I like your Wordle. Looks like you've got lots of authors' names in there!

    Hope things go well with the storm. You guys should come hang out in NZ with me. It's very hot and sunny here at the moment.


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