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February 18, 2010

And the nominees are...

Kate Hart
So the Oscars are coming up. March 7, to be exact. Since Up and Half-Blood Prince are the only nominees I've seen, those are the ones I'm rooting for. Seriously, I feel like some kind of Philistine, but I very, very rarely watch movies (unless you count Cars and Madagascar parts one and two, which I watch over and over and over...) So the only Oscars I'll be watching are...

Educational AND fun.

But really folks, that was all just a long not-very-funny monologue lead in (without a teleprompter, tyvm) to some awards I do enjoy. Rachele over at Freckle Head awarded me the "Sunshine Award," and Kaitlin gave me the "Groovy Blog" award.  Thanks guys! My duty now is to pass these on, so... the envelope please...

Oops, that's a Howler. Sorry Ron.

The winners are...


Sunshine Award:

1. Trinia, whose creativity and funky taste always inspire me.
2. Amanda, my very sweet ex-pat co-Arkansan.
3. Stephanie, because she's just so upbeat and... sunshiney.

Groovy Blog Award:

1. Cory Jackson, who's been rocking the helpful posts lately.
2. Vee at That Thing I'm Writing, because she has a dry sense of humor. I like that. I'm sure you're all shocked.
3. Kathleen at Stop Drop and Plot, because she rocks the pop culture references (and just in general).

Exits are to your right, haters to the left, and do mind the paparazzi.


  1. Thanks for the Groovy award. I think you're kind of Groovy, too!

  2. What she said - only with an extra side of AWESOME. ;)

  3. I totally just gave you the Sunshine Award...and then I read your post. :( Oh well, enough people love you to give you two. Congrats!

  4. Kids' movies are pretty much the only ones worth watching.

    That, and anything written/produced by Diablo Cody.

    This is my sage advice to you.


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