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February 8, 2010

Another Draft, Another Drift

Kate Hart
It's no 30 inch snowpocalypse like they're getting up north, but we're due for another 4-9 inches of snow here today. My brain is completely fried from finishing my fourth draft last night-- which is amazing, since I found every possible distraction (including putting together a nostalgic playlist of things we heard at college dance parties)-- and begging people to read it (please? *insert puppy dog eyes here*). So here are some pictures from last week's snow storm in the Ozarks.


True story: The word "Ozarks" comes from the French aux arcs, which historians think referred to the northernmost bend in the Arkansas River. That landmark was a jumping off place for exploring the mountains to the north-- now known as the Ozarks. And now I can count this as a writing post, because etymology TOTALLY COUNTS. History and language double major FTW.

ETA: I forgot to mention that some of these pics are mine, but my husband took most of them. :)


  1. Fourth manuscript? I havent even finished my first!! :(

  2. Thanks B :)

    Oh no, Glen, just the 4th draft of this MS! It's my first.

  3. Those are some gorgeous pictures

  4. Wow! These are some lovely pictures!

    I wish it looked like that here. Here there is nothing beautiful about this snow. It's just...everywhere!

    Congrats on finishing your 4th draft!

  5. Awesome pics :D I'm getting 10-18 inches in this next storm (the same one as yours, I think - it's skipping DC and hitting NYC and Chicago, which were missed last time). So excited, mostly because... you guessed it... school off! haha

  6. I miss snow! Those pictures are gorgeous. Congrats on the 4th draft! Having stayed up til 3 AM to read it, I can say it was worth the wait!


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