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February 2, 2010

I Don't Do Windows. I Do Do Wordles.

Kate Hart
Housecleaning. It's not really my thing. It's like exercise: I dread it and put it off and bitch and whine and moan and then when I actually work up the energy to do it? Oh! This feels great once it's done! Why don't I do that more often? But I know why. Because a few days later, I just have to do it again.

My WIP is feeling the same way. At first I took a break to let some suggestions sink in. Then I started to dread the hell out of writing the new scenes said suggestions required. Finally, I worked up the energy and attacked that shit with a vengeance (thanks in part to some extreme jealousy of writing buddies enjoying SCBWI in NYC) .

Now I'm giving it one last polish. I'm several rounds of revisions behind her, but much like my platonic girl crush Cory, I'm trying to weed out all the crutch words and extra fluff so that when she and other betas get a hold of this thing in the next week or so, they can concentrate on eviscerating other things. It's like housecleaning before a party: I know I'm just going to have a huge mess to clean up when the betas leave and their dust has settled, but maybe the chaos will be more manageable if I have things somewhat organized before they arrive.

As an interesting side note: It is blatantly obvious from our Wordles whose book is written in first person and whose is written in third.


  1. "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life" - that's genius!! Wh00t for productivity :D


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