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June 14, 2010

Find the Yellow

Kate Hart
Cheryl Arkison at Naptime Quilter posted a few months ago about "the optimism inherent in the colour yellow" (Canadian spelling hers--hi Kath!). She encouraged her readers to "find the yellow" in their day.
Great writing exercise, right? Your everyday surroundings are full of inspiration, but familiarity makes it hard to find. But if you choose a color (or a shape, a letter, a texture... anything!) and refocus your eyes, it's amazing the things you'll see.

For example, I had no idea our "topsy turvy tomato" had blossoms.

Or that my husband already started the watermelon seeds (yay!).

My photography skills don't compare to Cheryl's, 
but here are some other yellows I found:

In my sons' rooms

Crafts and toys

Bath and bedrooms

Hiding in the pantry

At my desk

Want to play along? 
Pick a focus, write a post on your own blog and leave the link in my comments-- 
I'll feature all the participants in a blog post soon!


  1. We have a couple cans of those water chestnuts in our cabinet, too! :) We use them in spicy chicken lettuce wraps like from PF Chang's. Those are definitely part of the yellow in my life.

  2. Yellow is one of my favorite colors (he he I'm English and Canadian but I still spell the US way). Red is the other one. I tend to notice those color more often than not.

    Cool idea for a post!

  3. Lovely pics. And this is such a cool idea. :)

  4. aww i love it! yellow is a fabulous color :D

  5. Ok, I have no idea why but I love that picture of your tomato plant. Probably cuz i's just a little spark of yellow and the green of the plant with the curtains (?) is just so pretty. Very nice photograph.


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