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March 31, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: If I Had A Million Dollars

Kate Hart
Last week, we asked whose writing career you'd like to have. The overwhelming response: NOT Stephenie Meyers or JK Rowling. "The money would be nice, but too much pressure." This week, we want to know: If you did have that kind of monetary success, what would you do with it?

1) We'd buy a small farm. My husband is unbelievably, amazingly supportive, and one of the major reasons I'd like to have financial success with my writing is to help him make his own dreams reality. (I'm aware of how vomit-inducing that sentence may be.) But I'm serious. If he could do anything, he'd have a small organic farm with a side hydroponics outfit. (Dear husband's co-workers: Do not freak. This is not happening any time soon.)

Though it's not in the cards for a long, long time, we've actually looked at local properties, crunched the numbers, researched grants, etc.  At one point I fell in love with this place, but it was already sold. You can see, though, that we're not talking huge. The house had one more bedroom than our current place... and about 19 more acres.

2) College fund for my boys.

3) Replace our Jeep, which I've been driving since high school.

4) Help out various family members.

5) Donations to the non-profits we currently work for. 

6) Travel.

7) If I were ridiculously loaded, I'd have a huge library attached to my house.

8) If I were insanely loaded, I'd endow a language building at my alma mater. They may have more offerings now, but when I graduated in '02, it was just German, French, Spanish (woot! represent!), Latin and Greek. Alternately, I'd help fund the awesome Odyssey Program they've started since I was there. (If you're looking at colleges, you should definitely check out that last link.)

So what about you? Come join us at YA Highway and tell us what you'd do with untold riches! :)


Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic. We'd love for you to participate!


  1. I've been driving my explorer since high school. this should change by scbwi so I don't kill you fine people in my clunker.

    those travel pictures get me in the gut.

  2. I thought of you when I found the Wind Rivers picture. Also-- I'm five years older than you, therefore I win the death trap competition. Or in other words, I lose.


    Were you one of the people who had never seen the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies?? Because both of them feature incredible, incredible shots of the place :))

  4. I want to go! Pleeeease!

  5. what a coincidence! I'd have a HUGE library too...oh house IS pretty much a library already lol

  6. omg! i'm loving the FARM!! (and i do NOT farm.)

    i think i'd definitely travel.
    buy my mom a house or two.
    maybe buy the NYC public library so i can live in it.


    big dreams.

  7. I like that we all want to replace our old POS cars hehe.
    Can I please move to your farm when you become rich?

  8. Travel, yes.
    Farm, yes.
    Library, yes.
    Endowment, yes.

    yes, yes, yes.

  9. Great list, Kate!

    I adore the idea of an organic farm. I would gladly visit and eat your organic food. 0_0

  10. Kate--so funny--Treva is here and we were talking about y'all's *future* farm at lunch yesterday! You know Sterling is all about it.

  11. Everyone is invited to live on the farm, provided they know how to pick vegetables.

    Anne, I should have said, "I'd take my money and hand it to Howard for safe keeping." LOL

  12. LIBRARY! YES! I want one like the Beauty and the Beast library. With sliding ladders.

    I feel the sudden urge to edit my post.

    Also, your pictures of places make me really sad I'm in a suburb of Chicago right now. Esp. the Greece one! *drools*

  13. @ V Roth that is what i picture too! It isn't a dream library unless I have to climb a ladder to find some obscure, leather bound tome two stories up. *sigh*

    Of course mine continues below ground and turns into a similar "library" style arrangement in my wine cellar. (forgot to add that to the list ...)

  14. Those travel pics are so enticing. And I love the library.

  15. Love, love, love the pictures you posted! And the library...*dies*

    Great answer!

  16. Love the farm idea!

    My wife and I had a similar dream when we were first married. One of the biggest drawbacks, for me at least, of working in Information Technology is that I don't do or produce anything I can share with my children. They can't see it or touch it.

    *deep sigh*

    Nevertheless, I just keep reminding myself I'm so much more than just what I do for a living.

    Good luck finding your $$$! :)

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