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March 30, 2010

Two For Tuesday

Kate Hart
What is it? Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it.

If you play along, please leave the link in the comments!


I appear to be reading books in pairs lately. For example:

Fallen angels

Otherwise related paranormal romance

And books by genius friends.
Click the image to add them to your Goodreads list!

And because this post was too boring: Two puns.

Also, this is not a pair, but Stephenie Meyer has a new book coming out  in June


  1. well, I love being read by genius friends

  2. And I'm *so* jealous you got to read those books from genius friends, too--WAH!

    How funny--I also read Hush Hush and Fallen together. You'll have to share your thoughts with me! :D

    Boo, totally blanked on this today and posted a Teaser instead--maybe next week!

  3. I really like the adorable puns at the end!

  4. So, I was laughing so hard at these puns that the DH asked what was wrong with me. I showed him, because he's a total pun dork, and he said, "Oh dear." Does that make me even lamer than he is?!?!?!?!

    Also, I'm playing along, because this is too fun not to play! :D

  5. Hey, you've read more than me this year. Where are you finding the time?

  6. Thanks guys :)

    Kir: <3

    Cory: I'm a speed reader. No joke. I read Fallen in about 2 hours.

  7. I'm SOO jealous that you got your hands on Like Mandarin and The Duff already. I'm sitting in my corner and sulking now. :(

  8. Folks interested in The DUFF should keep an eye out on the internet in the next few months...

  9. I did it! Am I really supposed to leave a link? Oh well there it is anyway.

  10. Glen: No, not yet. Kody has her ARCs though.


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