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April 22, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green...

Kate Hart

It's not what you think!

but these books might help.

The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen

I've already pimped this book a few times, but I seriously love it. You can read more of my fangirling here.

My husband isn't here for consultation, but considering it's been on his nightstand for months with plans and diagrams sticking out of it, I'm guessing it's good. And what do you do with all those vegetables? 

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron
There are lots of reasons to make your own baby food.

Wait! Stop rolling your eyes! It's super easy, but my ultimate reason: It's CHEAP. So easy and so cheap, I'm kind of in awe of the marketing that sells overprice jars of carrots. If you have a microwave, or even just a stovetop, and some kind of chopping device (I used a little HandiChopper for almost everything), then you're all set.

And of course, homemade baby food isn't an all-or-nothing commitment. I'm willing to admit, there are times that jars are more convenient (for example, when we went camping and tried to keep our frozen baby food cubes on ice-- ha ha ha ha ha...).


Speaking of kids, we had a proud moment the other day: My two-year-old knows the difference between "throw that away" and "put it in the compost." (Unfortunately, he doesn't understand that apples IN the compost are off-limits. Baby steps.) Turns out composting is super easy too, and if you need help, this is the most comprehensive help you can find:  The Rodale Book of Composting.

Now, go forth and be green! And don't forget my contest- go here and give suggestions. :)


  1. hehehe great post!!

    but I LOVES that picture of kermit. he's lookin good in green.

    ;D ;D

  2. Ooh, the Urban Homestead looks really cool. Congrats on 100 followers girl!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I posted the meaning of life there, but I decided it was a bad idea to share so soon. you'll get there someday, grasshopper.*

    *also green

  5. I have constant guilt about if I'm doing enough...I recycle, reuse and try to reduce my waste and purchases. I grow my own veggies and herbs. I donate to charity so my stuff can be reused. Yet, I worry...all of the time.

  6. Tahereh, what you can't see is that he was laying beside me, and when my husband came in, we both sat up and gasped. :D

    Thanks Emilia and Janna!

    It's okay Kir, I saw it when the comment notification came through. ;)

    Sharon, I have the exact same problem. That's why I like the Urban Homestead book-- it goes from very simple to really extreme ideas, but it isn't preachy if you just stick to simple.


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