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April 13, 2010

Two For Tuesday

Kate Hart
What is it? Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it.

Twoday: Is actually about Friday, when I had a hot date with my husband. We had dinner at a restaurant that serves basically grilled cheese, soup and salad. I had a combo of:

crawfish bisque and a "white buffalo": chicken, white cheddar, blue cheese and wing sauce. yum.

Then we went to the bookstore, where I got:
GAGA                        and                       WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON
(look, there are two ga's)                                         (look, there are two will graysons)

Then we came home and played Scrabble, and I damn near doubled his score.

Yet he still gave me an entire writing day on Saturday and now MY BOOK IS DONE. At least until agents say yea or nay (look, there are two answers. aughghghghghghgh).


  1. Yay for finishing your book! :D

  2. A huge, fat congrats on finishing your book, Kate! Woot!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your book! Whoo! Must be an AWESOME feeling! The dishes look delicious, by the way.

    Word verification: evilist

    I love it!


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