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April 20, 2010

Two For Tuesday

Kate Hart
What is it? Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it.

TODAY: Two books I read over the weekend.

This made me cry. I never cry because of books.
IF I STAY by Gayle Foreman

This was AMAZING. *fangirls to death*
WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON by John Green and David Levithan

Two things I wanted to use in last week's Field Trip Friday (FTF) and couldn't find room for.

Two things that cracked me up but perhaps are inappropriate for FTF.


  1. I wrote a paper on If I Stay. I loved that book!

  2. I wrote a paper on If I Stay. I loved that book!

  3. eek! will grayson, will grayson is on my list to buy! just loved paper towns. "ben starling, you did not just buy your token black friend a racist t shirt." hahahah!

  4. I srsly snorted at the rock hard abs. that's AWESOME!

  5. I almost bought WGWG, but it was so expensive, so I decided to wait for a coupon, lol. I'm also reading 3 books at the same time already.

  6. Will Grayson... the name alone makes me want to buy that book!! :)

  7. That cover for If I Stay is kind of creepy! I'm so glad you liked it. I was a sobbing mess on the couch. There's going to be a sequel, apparently!

  8. Oh my gosh, I loved this post! And Bill Gates with his hands and "Where's all my glitches at?" equals hilarious!! I feel like I should print it out and hang it in my room. :D


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