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May 6, 2010

In Which I Bring The Random.

Kate Hart
I've mentioned before on Twitter that my husband is a four-leaf clover finding prodigy. Exhibits A and B:

But hey. Why stop at four? Why not five?

Or, you know, seven?

He's like a clover-finding savant. 


In support of my girl Kristin's beautiful people campaign: This is me without makeup.
My kids don't care how I look, as long as I help them alphabetize their blocks. 
(I am not making that up. Not even a little.)


In case you missed it despite the national media's stellar coverage (NOT): Nashville is underwater.

In case you are unfamiliar with the South: This is not normal

Please check out Do The Write Thing For Nashville, where fabulous publishing people have donated fabulous items for a fabulous auction.

And now, the truly random.


  1. I am in the middle of Maggie S's LAMENT and it is filled with four-leaf clovers. they help you see faeries, apparently.

  2. Cute post. :) Don't you just love how you can be yourself around kids? Additionally, don't you just love how kids can be more direct than any adult?

  3. You are beautiful with or without makeup.

    The "Huge Manatee" made me snort my coffee!

  4. Your kids are precious :)

  5. Cool stuff!

    We searched for four-leaf clovers yesterday; nothing but the threes. :)

  6. Seven leaf clovers! Oh wow.

    And your kids are so precious. <3

  7. Your kids are adorable, and you are beauteous :)
    I hope your seven-leaf-clovers bring you luck!!

  8. Seven leaf clovers? I envy your husband's powers! Your kids are so cute, and you're still beautiful without makeup!

    I love this post. Then again, I love anything random. :)

  9. Haaaa @ discount tent...and the humerus...and...well, yes, and the manatee as well.

  10. Your husband's mad skills are enviable.

    Also, don't you know that our media is busy covering important issues like David Boreanaz's infidelity and what kind of plastic is going to make your organs explode next? They don't have time for your pesky flood. *facepalm*

  11. Thanks everyone! :) If only he could put those mad skills to some kind of profitable task....

    Kir-- Did you know my bedroom is decorated with faeries? Not the lame kind, the artsy kind. True story.

    Pam-- No joke. My oldest walked up the other day and said "Something's annoying me. It's your computer." LOL

    Donna-- It's genetic. ;)
    (guys, that's my aunt! everyone say "awwwww!")

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