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July 9, 2010

Field Trip Friday, Twitter Version: July 9

Kate Hart
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Writing and Reading

Otherwise Amusing

Twilight + Shakespeare

Failed Children's Books


  1. OMG, I have made "the list"! I always enjoy these so much, so to find myself in such hilarious company is an honor!!! You have made a Stabbity Thursday much better! LOL. Gracias!!

  2. If You Give a Mouse Some Nookie title just about made me rofl.
    These are always so fantastic, Kate!

  3. My love for this knows no bounds...

  4. LOL to all the failed children's books! I can't even pick a favorite to cite.

    These lists make my Fridays!

  5. *chokes with laughter*...*cough, cough*...*sputter*...*gasp, wheeze*

    Just a minute, please...

    *wipes tears from eyes*...okay...

    I am officially emailing "Give a Mouse Some Nookie" to all of the kindergarten teachers I know!

  6. I laughed way, way harder than I should have at "2 words: I hate math." Fucking awesome.

  7. I forget how I found my way here, but I found not only a profundity of profound fun-dity, but a whole list of new people to follow. Thanks for putting these together!


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