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July 19, 2010

For The Win(ners)

Kate Hart
My sewing frenzy has ended and it's time to start sending these out! I made so many bags that I've decided to just give away ten of them instead of making bookmarks-- I hope that's okay.

I'll be emailing winners, sending them to this post and removing bags as they are claimed.

Thanks again to everyone who played along-- I'll definitely do another contest soon!

Bag #1:
Pink, green, blue, yellow and brown.
Medium sized, one inside pocket.

Bag #2
Blue and white. 
Small, one inside pocket.

Bag #3:
Red, black and white.
Medium sized.

Bag #4:
Gray, blue and white.
Two inside pockets, really big.

Bag #5:
Teal, brown, yellow, light green, white, orange.
Pockets, reversible (inside is polka dot fabric with teal stripe at top.
Those circles on the front are actually pockets.)

Bag #6: Blue, pink and brown. Reversible.

Bag #7:
Black and white.
Medium sized.

Bag #8:
Green and brown, medium sized.
Outside pocket.

Bag #9: Brown and white, reversible, medium sized.

Bag #10: Brown and teal, medium, reversible.

Bag #11:
Black, pink, red and green.
Medium sized, circles on front are pockets.

Bag #12:
Black, white and teal.

Bag #13:
Red, white stars and cowboy hats.

Bag #14:
Brown, pink and green with flowers and birds.

Bag #15:
Black and off white.

Bag #16:
Black and pink.
Reversible, medium.

Bag #17:
Yellow and white.

Bag #18:
Blue and white paisley.


  1. Bag #12 will be my choice, if it's still available. :) Thanks so much! They're all so gorgeous, I had such a hard time deciding which one to choose.

  2. Good. God. Woman, you are a freaking machine. These are amazing!!

    I <3 #5 (circle pockets are so cute!) and the brown and teal ones and seriously just all of them. Wow.

  3. WOW. so much fingers hurt just thinking about it.

    So the bookmark winner gets a tote instead? Do we get to pick ours because I really, really like #16!!!

    (and my email is at this link:

  4. OMG they're all so cute!!! :) Oh wait, I didn't win one... haha but they're still absolutely adorable. Congrats to the winners, and awesome job on the bags, Kate!

  5. WOW! What can't you do?
    These are super cute!!!

  6. Wow, those are SUPER Cute!!!

  7. Holy cow that's a lot of bags!! I see a few on there I would *love* -- might have to do something diabolical to make sure I win the next contest...

  8. Those bags are so gorgeous! Your winners are very, very lucky :D

  9. Wow! these are all great. My favorites are 12, 15, and 7 in that order :-D

    I'm so excited!

  10. holy ridiculous self! i commented much too early and forgot that I AM ACTUALLY A WINNER! *yessss* *erases diabolical plans, blows away eraser shavings*
    i love: #18, #12, #15, #16, #7 and #4

  11. These are gorgeous! They're all so lovely. #1 is so sweet. You've done a fabulous job.

  12. These are beautiful. WOW. You are so talented. I love all of them so it's hard for me to chose four favorites but I really like #5 #6 #7 and #10


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