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July 20, 2010

Two For Tuesday: Twilight and Turtles. oh my.

Kate Hart
What is it? Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it.

Today: Photoshop is a dangerous weapon. I have 4 examples, and 2x2=4. Pretty sure. My math skills aren't the best, since, you know, math hates writers.

Anyway, if you've hung around here much, you've probably noticed I have a penchant for Photoshopping things. Particularly Edward Cullen's head onto inappropriate bodies. But sometimes I am also the victim of such shenanigans. Like today.

Okay, "victim" may be an overstatement. This actually made my day.

Why would Cory do such a thing? Maybe because the precedent was set here:
That's writer friends Laurie, Dawn, Cory, me and Deb

I think RPattz and dude-who-plays Emmett are looking down Laurie's shirt. What hoors. But Deb is rockin those shoes.

Meanwhile, my girl Lee created a cover for my sure-to-be blockbuster debut novel: 

But my male BFF still holds the title for best "Photoshop at Kate's expense" ever. When I sent an "everything's okay" email during my first pregnancy, complete with ultrasonic evidence, he hit reply all with this lovely creation and the following note attached.

"Ms. Kate,

I don't mean to cause any alarm... and I may not be a 'doctor,' but it seems pretty evident that you are not in fact having a baby. Rather, it seems that you are in fact having what marine biologists call Chelonia mydas, or the green sea turtle for the lay person. They are also known as 'Honu' pronounced hoe-new in Hawaiian."

He also Photoshopped my head onto a Bud Ice penguin one time in college, but that work of art has been lost. (Although if he read my blog, I guarantee he'd make a new one by the end of the day.)

The moral
When choosing friends, carefully assess their ability to embarrass you via digital photo enhancement.

The end.


  1. LOL that turtle thing is awesome.
    *thinks of things to photoshop Kate's head into*

  2. LOL oh my God I am totally in love with this. This motivates me to master photoshop so much more than "professional development"

  3. XDDDDD All of those super awesome things...I think I have died from the awesome.

  4. I'm loving the turtle. LOL

    At our office some of my coworkers love photoshop a little too much...

  5. I will never underestimate photoshop--or those who know how to use it--again.

  6. *wheezes* You're making my asthma act up again!

    *gasps* Too much laughter!

  7. I don't know who that guy is - I'm thinking vampire? - but I love that picture of you. So cute.

  8. Things I hoped to never see again: that picture. LOL

  9. I notice you didn't post the one of you in a leotard doing jazz hands. That's okay. I hold that image in my memory.


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