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August 25, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: I Will Survive

Kate Hart

Katniss' talent is archery. Rue's is climbing trees and Peeta's is camouflage. If you were a tribute in The Hunger Games, what would your talent be?

Hm. Skills are important. I am slow and small and do not have Peeta's skills of an artist. The BFF says I work in puns the way other artists work in oils or clay, but it's hard to picture that being helpful in the arena. (Get it? Picture? Yeah, pretty sure my punning skills will just get me killed faster.)

I can sew, but that's not going to do me much good unless I happen upon a fabric store, and my abilities to make play dough from scratch, speed read and retain 30 years worth of song lyrics are fairly useless in a survival situation.

Hm... wait! I did a lot of kickboxing and Tae Bo in high school! But it's been a long time since high school. And looking at this picture, I'm thinking it might strike fear into the hearts of my enemies, but probably not in the way I'm hoping.

Photobucket It's been even longer, but I was a Girl Scout. Daisy, Brownie, Junior and I even bridged to Cadette before I moved from St. Louis to Arkansas.* So I do know a few helpful things:
  • How to build a log cabin fire
  • How to make a solar oven
  • Best pranks to get your entire cabin in trouble
  • Make new friends but keep the old. (This is only helpful early in the games.)
  • How to get your dad to sell all your cookies for you
  • How to rock the knee socks (see right) 
I've also done a lot of traveling and camping and hiking. I'm not terribly hardcore or anything, but I did hike twenty miles for spring break my senior year of high school, and I did voluntarily go on a two-week camping road trip when I was five months pregnant.

So I'm short on mortal combat skills, but probably just the right amount of insane to survive, at least for a little awhile-- "wait until the others all die" would be my best strategy. Good thing I'm a writer! We're experts at waiting!

*I just got totally excited that there are Cadets in The Hunger Games, then realized I was thinking of "Careers." Cadets are in Jellicoe Road. #YAfail


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  1. Definitely the brownie Smile song will wipe out ALL the competition.
    Love it!

  2. SO CUTE.

    I am also in the "run far and hide well" category. Those are skillz, right?

  3. That picture is too freaking precious. You would dazzle them with adorableness for sure.

  4. You and Katniss should team up to be Girl Scout leaders. That would be one awesome troop. :)

  5. You were adorable in that picture!

    I'm not sure what my skill would be, either...I used to figure skate, so maybe balance? I could climb trees with Rue. I'm also pretty fast....

    Yeah. I'd totally die. Lucky I'm not a tribute.

  6. Haha! It's a good thing none of us are tributes - I don't think we'd last long.

    Though knee socks? Who knows; that could be useful...

  7. I like the wait it out approach. Hang back and let everyone kill each other off and you're golden! You'll probably have to deal with the last one standing, but play up the insanity angle! Approach the other tribute swinging the biggest weapon you can find and singing that brownie smile song! They'll either be distracted by your strange behavior, or paralyzed with fear! winwin :D


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