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September 20, 2010

meme meme mememememe

Kate Hart

How do you pronounce "meme" anyway?

Anyway. Courtney Summers encouraged thievery of one she did. So I did.

5 Books I’ve Read Recently
  1. Lips Touch Three Times-- Laini Taylor
  2. Flash Burnout-- L.K. Madigan
  3. Beautiful-- Amy Reed
  4. Feed-- MT Anderson
  5. Saving Francesca-- Melina Marchetta

5 Books I’m Planning to Read (in the near future)
  1. Hourglass-- Myra McEntire
  2. House Made of Dawn-- N. Scott Momaday
  3. Custer Died For Your Sins-- Vine Deloria
  4. Hold Still-- Nina LaCour
  5. You Wish-- Mandy Hubbard

5 of My Favorite Books
  1. Will Grayson Will Grayson-- John Green and David Levathan
  2. The Stand-- Stephen King
  3. The Handmaid's Tale-- Margaret Atwood
  4. Harry Potter series-- JK Rowling
  5. Lonesome Dove-- Larry McMurtry

5 of My Least Favorite Books
  1. Things Fall Apart-- Chinua Achebe
  2. The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy-- Vicki Iovine
  3. Siddhartha-- Hermann Hesse
  4. Love You Forever-- Robert Munsch
  5. Leo the Late Bloomer-- Robert Kraus

5 of My Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptations
  1. Lonesome Dove
  2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  3. Lord of the Rings
  4. The Wizard of Oz
  5. Gone With The Wind


    1. Love The Stand! Hang in there, Monday is almost behind us.

    2. Omg. HATE Things Fall Apart and Love you Forever. HATE!

    3. Love You Forever is just plain creepy. DED at Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. That book definitely scared me and made me think that pregnancy was going to be the Worst.Thing.Ever.

    4. Oooh, you love THE STAND. A girl after my own heart. :)

    5. The Handmaid's Tale is definitely high on my reading list!

    6. LOVE YOU FOREVER! When my niece was born, my husband insisted we buy that book for her! I hate it! I'm so sensitive and it makes me cry, so I always avoid it, but my husband insisted I read it again, thinking I would like it as an adult - all I did was end up as a sobbing mess, but at least he was there to comfort me. ;)

    7. And I just realized I used 'insisted' twice in that comment... oh well. ;P

    8. How was Feed? MT Anderson is doing a book signing in my local area this weekend and I was planning to pick up a's definitely an interesting premise.

    9. Will Grayson, Will Grayson! Picked this up recently and just LOVED it. The voice is amazing, the characters... I could rave on and on. I am currently being tht annoying person who tries to press their new favourite thing on everyone.

    10. Amie, me too. I'm like a WGWG missionary.

      Jennifer: The concept was incredible and thought-provoking. But I didn't connect with the character particularly so I was a little disappointed on that front.

      EJ and Karen- I bet I read The Stand 20 times in high school.

      Abby, it made me cry once too, even though I was like, "But I hate this book!" the entire time. LOL

      Sandy, it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Definitely read it.

      Kara- Your hatred of TFA bumps you one level out of anti-Black Crowes purgatory.

      Meredith- I know, people told me Girlfriend's Guide was so awesome but I just wanted to throw it across the room.

    11. Wow... nine out of ten...fav books and movies made from books! I knew we were related! :)

      Hope things get better soon!

    12. And, I'm planning to read Will Grayson...just to make it a ten! :)


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