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October 3, 2010

An Almost Perfect Weekend

Kate Hart
Photobucket Friday: Went to local drive-through safari and petting zoo with kids, sister, her kids and my mom. Had a Mexican food picnic. Goat tried to eat our paper towels. Got to pet a kangaroo.

Baby tiger growled at me. Capuchin monkeys escaped from their cage and ran around like... well, like wild monkeys. One jumped in the wagon with our kids and promptly peed all over them.

Did not manage to sneak my way close enough to pet the escaped lion cub. Probably for the best.

Dinner with the fam. Only bummer - husband had to work late. Even this is okay, as it reminds me that I prefer to be with him and not without.

Photobucket Saturday: Slept in. Watched OU beat Texas. Fried everything not nailed down in kitchen, including jalapeños and tofu. Ate too much crab rangoon. Got dressed in ensemble including boots (always a plus), striped Halloween knee socks (awesome needs no explanation) and the lucky duck panties I thought I lost years ago (should clean my dresser more often).

Went to see my favorite band on their farewell tour. They played a three hours set with several of my favorites, two of my favorite covers, and skipped the two most overplayed radio hits.

PhotobucketWeather was freezing. I danced wrapped in a blanket, which was great, because I didn't have to worry about what to do with my arms. This is usually an issue when I dance.

Downsides - BFF not in attendance. But it's okay, because she's in England and having fun and epiphanies and whatnot. Also, you know, farewell tours being what they are, I probably will never get to see the Crowes again. But I've seen them four times, which is more than most people.

Sunday: Slept in. Ate leftover fried food for breakfast. Worked in garden all day. Children were adorable and helpful. Didn't even take pictures, just enjoyed it all. Ate leftover fried chickenfor dinner- in a salad, to counteract several days of grease. Wrote this post. Got distracted by Crowes videos on Tumblr. Off to beta a book everyone wants to read, and will in 2011.

Only downside - Sundays are followed by Mondays. But it's okay. So far as day jobs go, mine's not that bad.

What's your ideal weekend?


  1. Ideal=fantasy, right? Then my ideal weekend involves teleportation and/or inter-continental mag-lev trains so I can be here and there at the same time. Plus crab rangoon.

    Yay for a lovely weekend!


  2. That's a billion times better then the four hours I spent in Chuck E Cheese.

    I did read two books, which was fun.

  3. It had a kangaroo in it! That's how you know things are going well, when a kangaroo shows up.

    My perfect weekend involves some combination of baking, gardening, vast amounts of food, books, a good movie, kangaroos (obviously) and a beanbag. I'm a homebody at heart.

  4. I'll take yours! :)


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