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November 3, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: If I Were King of the (Publishing) Forest

Kate Hart
This week, RTW wants to know:

If you were made supreme ruler of the publishing world, what would be your first ruling?

In my limited research, I have found that one can agent from afar (as in, not New York or Cali). But being an editor requires residence in one of those places, usually the former.

I don't really want to be an agent, but I do think I'd make a good editor. Especially if my first decree was that editors do only that: edit. Acquisitions meetings and sales projections and... and... whatever else they have to do that requires their physical presence in New York... those things don't exist. Or at least can be done via the interwebz. 

Then of course my second ruling is that editors get paid a gazillion dollars a year, as do authors and by extension, their lovely agents. 
And apparently my third ruling needs to either render math null and void, or completely restructure the spending habits of your average consumer. 

What would you do, if publishing were up to you? Head over to YA Highway and let us know!


  1. Math is, like, so 1980s.

    Really, though...if there was a job that only involved reading and editing brilliant books, with no contracts and crap...sign me up!

  2. Maybe we can split up the editor job. You can edit and I'll do all the other stuff?

    And word verification, no lie, is "comma."

  3. I agree you should make bazillions of dollars.

  4. Such a great idea. I think it might not be too far off. Everything is going online these days lol

  5. Hey, um, Kate? Can you kindly take a break from reading my mind ALL THE TIME. My very first thought when this question came up was, UM let's move this shiz from NYC!

    My vote: Publishing HQ in Austin, TX. See ya'll there.

  6. Hm . . . probably free books for all authors. . .

    Great blog!

  7. If you take away the bazillions of dollars in paychecks, I think I have the job you want! LOL I'll be looking to hire a YA editor or two in the next few months when my press launches a YA line. If you're interested, we can chat about what the job entails and get you set up with a nifty editing test.

    Oh, and I'm ALL FOR us making loads of money. At the moment, editing is a labor of love (and really, getting to read super awesome books before they're released is priceless!).

  8. Editors who just edit? What a profound (and good) idea:)

  9. Amen to the $$. I miss the days when writers had rich "patrons." hehe

  10. I'm a teacher with a pile of bad writing to "edit" right now. A gazillion dollars would sweeten the job a bit, for sure.

  11. here's my thing. I really, really love that the only people (my editor & her assistant) who know my book as well as I and my agent do are the same people who fight for it, in everything from acquisitions to marketing. being a secondary editor or assistant is different, though -- I could see that as a satellite position.

  12. I would LOVE to have more chance of an editing career where I am. NZ has a publishing industry, but it's small and perpetually being relocated to Australia :-(

    I like the idea of a gazillion dollars a year very much. I'm sure we could somehow make the maths work out...


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