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December 15, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: Dear Santa

Kate Hart
My girl Lee has written an epic poem for this week's Road Trip Wednesday prompt. I started to write a brand new post in response, but when I looked back at the Writer's Wish List I wrote last year, it all still holds true.

So check it out, and when you post your own RTW response, don't be afraid to go big-- last year my husband surprised me with a writing retreat weekend because of that post! <3


  1. I went serious with mine. Really big, too, considering I asked Santa to fit 150,000 people in his sleigh.

    Your wishlist is adorable! Glad you got that writer's retreat!

  2. Hey, I feel like Santa's cheating on me. :) But seriously, I would LOVE to have a breakfast delivery in my area. Pancakes and omelets just a phone call away? Pure genius.

  3. Why oh why don't you have a mini Jasper or Edward or etc yet?? :)

  4. Yes. A photographic memory. That could really come in handy.


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