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January 3, 2011

Monday Meme: My Year In Writing, 2010

Kate Hart
Last week I posted a massive year-end roundup over at YA Highway, recapping all the major publishing news from last year. Then I saw Shannon Whitney Messenger's personal "year in writing" posts and thought, why not? It was a crazy, fantastic roller coaster of a year, and sharing it with y'all made it even better, really and truly. So much love for y'all.

  • Started blogging with YA Highway. Aside from getting agented, this is probably the most important thing to happen last year, career-wise. Big thanks to my meese for seeing potential in me and welcoming me into the insanity fold.
  • Posted my first teaser from Refuge, my YA paranormal.

  • Started the Twitter version of Field Trip Friday
  • Finished 4th draft of Refuge
  • Passed Refuge to non-family/BFF betas for the first time

  • Played along with Cory's "How Writers Do It" series
  • Started the Two For Tuesday meme
  • Almost deleted an email as spam before realizing it was from an honest-to-god real live agent, asking me to query her when Refuge was ready. Blogs matter!

  • Started querying. My kitchen got really, really clean.

  • Heard back on a ridiculous "Wayne's World" themed query. Was pleased to get a partial request instead of a place on agent's blacklist.
  • Started writing After the Fall, a comtemporary.

  • Posted the first (and only) teaser from ATF.


  • Freaked with goddesses about impending first offer.
  • Flew home, got some more offers, made super hard decision, and announced that uber-agent Michelle Andelman is now stuck with me for life (a post that has since gotten more hits than anything else on this blog, ever).

And here's where it gets really honest, kids, because not a lot has happened since then. I had some disappointments, some encouragement, and some general floundering as I tried to balance "real" life as I knew it with a change in my real life job and my suddenly very real writing life. I'm embarrassed to say that we could probably just skip ahead to January 2011. But in the interest of posterity...
  • I started what is supposed to be an almost full-time job, but hasn't been, for various reasons, including a three month run of constant minor illnesses in the family. 
  • Started half-assed research for Refuge rewrites. 
  • Discovered Tumblr. Mourned loss of productivity. 

  • Outlined a possible new contemporary. Lost interest after finishing synopsis.
  • Continued to stress about time management and my sudden inability to write. At the time, I thought I was going crazy and/or had lost all mojo. In retrospect, pretty sure I needed a fallow period to regroup after all the excitement of August. 
  • Spent a lot of time with family. I got to pet a kangaroo. A monkey peed on my kids. Fuel for future writing, right?

  • Had surgery.
  • Redid my website.
  • Continued to stress.
  • Deathly effin Hallows, y'all.
  • Yelled "Y U NO [verb]" a lot.
  • Started Refuge research in earnest.
  • Stressed some more

  • Started Refuge rewrites in earnest. 
  • Decided to rename Refuge. I'll share after I get the agent's stamp of approval.
  • Hit 200 blog followers! Thanks guys!

January 2011
Finally realized I need to treat writing like a career. No more apologizing for the time it takes to blog and brainstorm and beta read. That's all part of it, and it's up to me to balance it. That's my only real resolution for 2011: Make it work.

So that's where I am now. The book formerly-known-as-Refuge is coming along slowly. The changes are massive but really exciting. (How do y'all feel about combining witches and wild west outlaws? y/y?)

I'm making some changes to the way I approach my time management, and thanks to the husband, I'll be spending this Saturday in a hotel with nothing to do but write. More importantly, I feel for the first time in months like I can make good use of that time. Like I'm moving forward again.

And in the meantime, I'll be here, bringing you guys the random and the sparkly and the otherwise amusing and the love. SO MUCH LOVE. This gif makes me think of y'all, because real friends are always there for you, even when you hit the wall. Or wire, as the case may be.
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Happy New Year, guys. <3


  1. Excellent post and extremely honest. Like all years it had it's ups and downs.

    Very sweet message. I have TONS of Hope for 2011.

  2. That was a hell of a year, lady. you pretty much kicked its butt. I've been blogging since Feb, and started following YA Highway like a religion in March-ish, so I totally remember so many of these things. Amazing and so deserved!

    Also, y/y to wild west witches. More, please.

  3. That is a great and amazing year! Well done for all your achievements and here's to many more in 2011!

    Also, "Y U NO" guy is the most amazing thing of all time.

  4. It's so cool to see how your past year went. :) And your husband hooked you up with a hotel room so that you could write this weekend? Okay, does he have a brother?? :)

  5. I'm glad your year was amazing! Congratulations on everything you've achieved this year! And I hope that 2011 will be wonderful for you.

  6. My world would be a sad shell without, dear Kate.

  7. Nice post! It's so interesting to hear everyone's journeys throughout the year. I'm sure 2011 will be great for you.

    Enjoy the hotel writing weekend - that sounds awesome!

  8. <3 Make it work = perfect.

    You know I'd castrate that pole for you. :D

  9. What a fun/crazy year! I can't wait to read your books, and that video made my day. :) Here's to an awesome 2011!

  10. You've been a very busy girl, indeed. Keep it up! :)

  11. It is totally my fantasy to go to a hotel room and write! You're living the dream!
    Thanks for sharing your journey- it's good to get an honest assessment from someone on the agented side of things. :0)

  12. Happy new year Kate! I hope 2011 is equally as eventful for you. :)

    Also that gif has me in fits.

  13. What a year. I hope 2011 brings you all the good of 2010 minus the sucktastic parts. :)

    And I'm so glad in your look back you decided to keep the random. I've come here and to YA Highway for the past year for my dose of completely random yet utterly hilarious. Thank you.

  14. At first I was going to say the reason I love you is the repeated use of "ya'll" in the first paragraph. But the real real reason I love you is September. Honest admissions written with humor are what make blogs worth reading.

    And fwiw, witches + wild west outlaws = amazing, and not just because of the alliteration.

  15. Thanks everyone! I really didn't expect the wonderful response I got from this post, here and privately. <3

    Pam-- He does, but they're um... pretty different. Let's go with that. LOL


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