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February 14, 2011

Happy Blogsphere Lovefest Day!

Kate Hart
Happy Valentine's Day! 

We're spreading the love with a writers' blogfest today:
Check out the list below for Secret Valentines and their admirers. You might just find a new blog to love!

Rebecca Behrens is loving Katy Upperman.

Kristin Briana Otts is loving C.A. Marshall.

Krista Ashe is loving Ella Press.

Image Source
Samantha Mabry is loving Tahereh Mafi.

Lindsey Culli is loving me.

Yamile Mendez is loving Kristin Halbrook.

Lara Ehrlich is loving Riv Re.

Cindy Chok is loving Sarah Enni.

Chelsey Blair is loving BohemienneDC.

Tracey Neithercott is loving Rebecca Behrens.

Jessica Love is loving Kristin Otts.

Corrine Jackson is loving Krista Ashe.

Bidisha Das is loving Samantha Mabry.

Mia Hayson is loving Lindsey Culli.

Megan Bodenschatz is loving Yamile Mendez.

Abby Stevens is loving Lara Ehrlich.

Image Source
The Wandering Reader
Cait Peterson is loving Cindy Chok.

Margo Berendsen is loving Chelsey Blair.

Phoebe North is loving Tracey Neithercott.

Laurie Devore is loving Jessica Love.

Yahong Chi is loving Corrine Jackson.

Jess Byam is loving Bidisha Das.

Claire Dawn is loving Mia Hayson.

Jennifer Pickrell is loving Megan Bodenschatz.

Pam and Quita are loving Abby Stevens.

Katy Upperman is loving Cait Peterson.

C.A. Marshall is loving Margo Berendsen.

Tahereh Mafi is loving Phoebe North.

(click through the images to find their awesome Etsy shops!)


  1. Psst. You misspelled my name. Corrine not Corinne. :) Also, I love this lovefest.

  2. Thanks again for coordinating this! It's made a holiday I normally loathe rather enjoyable!!!

  3. This was SO MUCH fun. I had a great time doing this. :)

  4. Awesomeness. So much love all around!

  5. Ah, mine will be up when I get out of class! Never fear, Jessica! :)

  6. This is super happy-making. Thanks for planning this!

  7. Such fun!

    Also, where in the world can I get that "you are my type" valentine? WANT.

  8. I just spent the whole hour commenting on all of these Valentines' blogs. This is wonderful! Thanks to you ladies for holding this in the first place. :)

  9. Thanks SO MUCH for sponsoring this wonderful event! I've found so many great writer-frens to love. <3

  10. This is wonderful, Kate! Thank you so much for organizing such a fabulous Valentine's Day :-)

  11. I just have to say, this was the awesomest Valentine's EVER. thanks so much for putting this together!


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