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February 14, 2011

I Love Laurie.

Kate Hart
~*~* Check out our list of Secret Valentine posts here, and read on for my love letter to the indomitable Laurie Devore. *~*~


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So if you follow us both on Twitter, it's probably no secret that I love Laurie Devore. Laurie's from South Carolina, I'm from Arkansas, and that was enough to build a friendship on. Mostly we talk football and yell things like "DIRTY SOUTH" at each other. I'm sure we are widely loathed during bowl season.

But you might not know that Laurie is also a wickedly talented writer. She has this ability to reveal the very worst in her characters without turning you against them. She shows the reality of what really goes on in someone's head and forces you to recognize it in yourself instead of judging the character.

Her stories create a perfect snapshot of modern Southern teenage life, and she doesn't flinch from the hard issues, like double standards for girls who pursue what they want (even if that means *gasp* s-e-x).

Also, she writes super hot makeout scenes.

So visit Laurie on her blog, read her interview at We Do Write, follow her on Twitter-- and prepare to live tweet college football with us.

And in the meantime, dear Laurie, I present you with the most ridiculously country Valentine I could find:
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sophialee - Etsy

Yeah. A Valentine's belt buckle. But you can have the PBR one instead, if you want.
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sophialee - Etsy


  1. A Valentine's belt buckle. Nothing if not practical.

  2. Hahahaha, coolness! I'm off to check out her blog as we speak :)

  3. Aw, Kate. Thank you so much. The love is crazy mutual.

  4. She has this ability to reveal the very worst in her characters without turning you against them.

    Now that is a talent!

    Happy Valentine's Day Kate! (And Laurie!)

  5. It's a special Valentine's Day when you get a belt buckle. Cute!

  6. LOVE the belt buckles! I so wish I was a country girl. :) Laurie sounds like lots of fun, and I'd love to read those super hot make out scenes. Great post, Kate!

  7. Can I be jealous of Laurie's new belt buckles? Cuz they're totally awesome. :)

  8. YAY Laurie! And yay for girls pursuing what they want :)!

  9. Yay Laurie! She left me an awesome secret valentine today. :-D

  10. Where on earth did you find that belt buckle? :O

  11. Oh, those belt buckles are awesome! Off to visit another Southerner (I love southerners! I dream southern accents sometimes)(I'm a NY Yankee orignally, now I live in Wyoming. Send some southern warmth our way, would you?)

    Thanks for putting this blogfest together - what a great idea!


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