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March 31, 2011

Harry Potter According to Google Autofill

Kate Hart
In the grand tradition of delving into our world's psyche using Google autofill, per the illustrious example of John and Hank Green, I decided to find out what people think about the Harry Potter series.*

(click to expand)

* Per Hank's observations, "is gay" came up for more than half of the characters I searched - so many that it made the chart illegible to include them all. I also left off "is dead," "is not dead," "is not gay," and "is alive."

** Y'all, I SWEAR I didn't make up that Palin result. Nor "Draco is pregnant."

font: Harry P  -  awesome HP Google logo ~singinshowtunes at DeviantArt
HP pics are all promo pics, to the best of my knowledge.


  1. YES. This is so awesome. I think Draco Malfoy is a veela is my favorite.

  2. Fascinating. I forgot about the Veela.

  3. Ahahaha yes!

    This is hilarious. I love the Sarah Palin one.

    Dtraco is pregnant probably comes from fandom

  4. BAHAHAHahaha, Draco Malfoy is a veela!? And I love how "hot" is connected to pratically everyone there.
    But Draco Malfoy (or his actor, at least) is hot. *swoon*

  5. hahaa, this is hilarious b/c I've come across most of those instances in fanfiction! (including Draco is pregnant)

  6. Draco Malfoy: pregnant veela. LOL.

  7. wow, I love this....going to steal...muwhahaha

  8. LOL love this, especially 'Ron is our king' :D

  9. Hahahahahaha!

    That Snape, so hot right now.

  10. Glad y'all enjoyed it! :) Chelsey, I definitely blame fanfic. :P

  11. Did a test of this with draco malfoy. Draco is a werewolf, my boyfriend, hot, and good. Dumbledore's the best sorcerer in the world and is also ron weasley. lmfao rofl


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