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March 9, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Never Was a Cornflake Girl

Kate Hart
This week's Road Trip Wednesday wants to know, in honor of the release of Kirsten Hubbard's Like Mandarin:
Who did you idolize?


source here; lyrics hers
I'm prone to girl crushes. Real life, celebrity, from near or afar, I've always been a sucker for the "glitter girls," Not feeling like one myself, I scribbled Tori Amos lyrics on my binder and declared myself a raisin girl

I always say that most of my friends were guys in high school, but that's not really true. I had a crew of girls, and I'm still friends with most of them, to varying degrees. But I've never forgotten what one friend said to me once, during a fight: "There's no reason we should even be friends. We just hang out with the same boys. And like the same music."

But even that wasn't totally true. She didn't like Tori Amos.

Liz Lemon is my spirit animal.

Kirsten Hubbard was one of my grown-up girl crushes. I basically followed her around the internet saying, "Hi Kirsten! You like writing? I like writing! You like Wyoming? I like Wyoming! You like traveling? I like traveling!"

She's very patient.

Image Source
I was always especially drawn to those girls who were effortlessly bohemian. Legitimate hippies. Carefree. Alternative. Non-conformist. Relaxed.

I was not that girl. I still struggle with not being that girl.

Sometimes, I wish Helena Bonham Carter was my spirit animal.

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  1. hahaha I love that Helena B-C pic :D she rocks. The bit about stalking Kisten Hubbard cracked me up too :)

  2. I love Liz Lemon. She's a fine spirit animal.

  3. Oh Liz lemon, you made reality cool. Yep, If I hadn't dug my claws into my husband early, I would have been liz lemon. NowIi'm Carrie from King of Queens, but not as bitchy,

  4. Dear, patient Kirsten. I pretty much did the same thing. Or I just lurked and read her blog and her AW posts and squirmed in awe.

  5. HBC = the shit. I've always been prone to girl crushes, too -- some women make being female seem so easy. And it really isn't.

  6. I'd like to echo Sarah and say HBC = the shit. Also, I've always wanted Tori Amos' hair color *_*

  7. Liz Lemon is my hero, and not just because of her night-cheese habit. Girl crushes are awesome.

  8. High school girl friends are weird, aren't they? I had friends that to this day I'm not sure why I was friends with them aside from hanging out with the same people.

  9. "I was not that girl. I still struggle with not being that girl." BEAUTIFUL! I, too, struggle with the fact that I don't look as non-conformist as I feel in my heart.

  10. I've always been prone to girl crushes - wanting to be them, combining with an almost painful adoration.

    I always hero-worshipped girls I could never be, mainly cos they were so effortlessly cool and didn't seem to worry about what everyone thought. I worried. i worry.

  11. Helena Bonham Carter is so beyond cool.
    (And so is Kate Hart!)

  12. Oh, my gosh! That Helena Bonham Carter pic cracks me up. Love this post, and you're so not the only one with girl crushes. :)

  13. augh, I feel bad because I can't think of any better comment than ZOMG YESSSSSS!

  14. Oh wow - LOVE this post. And that last picture caption is brilliant.

  15. no. 4 made me crack up, ha! and helena's awesome. 'nuff said.

  16. Oh, Helena Bonham Carter. I wouldn't mind her confidence but I think I'll stick with my own fashion and beauty sense.

    That last photo was great.

  17. I <3 Helena Bonham Carter, and not just because she perfectly personifies Bellatrix, lol. She's definitely far more out there than me, but I love how comfortable she is with herself.

  18. I struggle with not being effortlessly bohemian too! I used to think that if I wore many layers of floaty hippy-like clothes, it would bring me slightly closer. All it really meant is that there are a lot of awkward photos of me when I was in high school looking like I was wearing many layers of sacking.

    I <3 Helena Bonham Carter. And also this whole post :-)

  19. HBC is MY spirit animal. ;)

    Seriously, though, I always envied those girls who were effortlessly cool. I'm still not one of those girls, but I'm okay with it now because I like myself the way I am, mis-matched shoes and all. :)

    Great post!


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