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March 8, 2011

Two For Tuesday: Deals & Debuts

Kate Hart
What is it? Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it.

Today: Good news for dear friends!

Like Mandarin covers It's Tuesday, March 8th and that means:

Head over to YA Highway and enter to win one of four copies of Kirsten Hubbard's amazing debut - plus other prizes inspired by the book!

Congrats Kirsten! I can't wait for everyone to read this fantastic novel.

Check out the news at Tahereh Mafi's blog:
SHATTER ME sold to HarperCollins in a major pre-empt

Tahereh is a major force for good in the YA blogosphere, and it's great to see such a genuinely nice person reaping the rewards she deserves.

Go add her book on Goodreads - and congrats Tahereh!


  1. im so excited for tahereh--she totally deserves that book deal and many more in the future :)
    and like mandarin is out--yayyy!

  2. I can't wait to get my copy of Like Mandarin. And a round of applause for Tahereh. Her book sounds awesome and she's so wonderful it's only fitting she gets a great deal.

  3. YAY for Kirsten and Tahereh!


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