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April 29, 2011

Field Trip Friday, Twitter Version: April 29, 2011

Kate Hart
A companion to the round up at YA Highway

April 27, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Musical Manuscripts

Kate Hart
I thought I was the queen of ridiculously long WIP playlists. Then Kody said her playlists have over 100 songs, which puts my 60+ to shame. But it's still plenty. Why so many? Two reasons: One, I write dual POV, which means I'm constantly switching back and forth in tone; two, I have at least one song for every. single. scene, listed on my Excel outline beside the chapter number, location, date...

Yes. I am that anal.

Anyway! I have posted before about the songs that really inspired my contemporary, After the Fall, and the song that partially inspired its title. But there are a few other songs that have become so indelibly linked to ATF in my head that I stop and sigh when I hear them.

April 26, 2011

Two For Tuesday: Winners and Weather

Kate Hart

You guys are amazing. I got over 60 responses to my ridiculously long contest entry form. Thank you so much!! I was so excited that I forgot how to count and chose an extra winner.


Jess Byam, Windy Aphayrath,
Erinn Manack, and Pam Harris

Be watching your email for a note from me so we can start planning a ridiculous t-shirt for you!

and in a totally inappropriate segue:


If you follow me on Twitter, than you're already tired of hearing about this, but my region is having a hell of a spring, and I'm afraid we're going to hear even more about it in the next few days. Northwest Arkansas has been flooding, as have Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. A big tornado hit St. Louis over the weekend, and last night tornados hit an Air Force base in Little Rock as well as the town of Vilonia, which is being described as "wiped off the map." Ten people have died in my state alone.

L to R: The steps at Old Main on the University of Arkansas campus (NOT a fountain); rescues on Harmon Rd, Fayetteville;
Highway 112, about a mile from my house; Gregg St, Johnson, about two miles from my house. Thankfully my home
and family are fine, but many others are not.
Most pictures from here.

We have more severe weather predicted for the rest of the week. Please send your thoughts and good wishes to the people affected by these storms, and if you're so inclined, drop a donation by the Red Cross.


Two For Tuesday is a weekly meme I made up when I couldn't think of anything to blog about. Post two of anything: book reviews, pictures, quotes, poems, songs, videos, rants, shout outs, whatever floats your boat. Just connect them somehow. That's it. Leave me a comment if you want to share!

April 18, 2011

Gone Fishin

Kate Hart
It's going to be quiet around here this week, because I'm on a redneck writing retreat. My folks take an annual spring fishing trip, and this year I get to stay for ten whole days while my boys go home between weekends. With any luck, I'll return next week with a completely rewritten draft of my paranormal MS and only limited sunburn.

In the meantime, there won't be a Field Trip Friday here, but the lovely Amanda Hannah is filling in for me on round up duties at YA Highway, and Lee Bross will have a spicy Road Trip Wednesday prompt for you. Have a great week, don't forget about the free t-shirts, and I'll see you next Monday!

April 15, 2011

Field Trip Friday, Twitter Version: April 15, 2011

Kate Hart
A companion to the round up at YA Highway -
this week kindly provided by the fabulous Kaitlin Ward!

Don't forget: free shirts are up for grabs here. Have a great weekend!

April 14, 2011

YA Deals By The Numbers, Part Three

Kate Hart
We've looked at young adult book deals by genre, and we've looked at YA deals by debut and quantity. In this final break down, we find that (surprise!) contemporary and nonfiction tend to sell in single book deals, while paranormal and dystopian rule the trilogies. However, when you get to 4 books or more per deal, the playing field levels out again, and dystopian gets left behind.

Here's a closer look: (click to expand)

So that's it for YA deals from the past year. In the immortal words of Wayne Campbell, "We hope you found it entertaining, whimsical yet relevant, with an underlying revisionist conceit that belied its emotional attachments to the subject matter." (Or, in the immortal words of Garth Algar, "I just hope you didn't think it sucked.")

And if you have not seen Wayne's World, that made absolutely no sense.

If you'd like to help with future graphs, leave suggestions in the comments, or enter my t-shirt giveaway. (That at least makes sense if you click the link! Really!)


  1. Still terrible at math. 
  2. Any deal that didn't specify two or more books sold was counted as a single title.
  3. These figures were taken from Publisher's Marketplace deal reporting. I didn't download any statistics from their website.  I counted the deals manually and assigned my own categories when necessary.
  4. Once, in fourth grade, long division made me cry.
  5. I tried to divide up the genres more specifically, per your requests on the first post, but I may have mis-categorized a few things. This also means the numbers here won't exactly match the numbers in the first post.
  6. Some agents and editors choose not to list deals in Publisher's Marketplace, so these charts are not a full representation of YA publishing.
  7. I haven't included the selling of foreign rights in these numbers.
  8. If you haven't seen Wayne's World, GO WATCH IT. But skip the sequel. 
  9. Sometimes I make fun of my husband for failing out of Calculus III with a 7%. I leave out the fact that he was a sophomore. In high school. And I never even took Cal I. I took "applied discreet mathematics" and got the hell out of the math building.
  10. Thanks for reading! :)

April 13, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: The Story of Your Scars

Kate Hart
Here are some things I've learned.

1) Do not scratch chicken pox. (Sorry, nose. Also, forehead.)

2) Do not mess with injuries that have started healing. (Sorry, knee-I-busted-open-on-the-playground-and-again-on-my-bike-and-couldn't-quit-picking-at.)

Photobucket 3) Do not attempt to open a package of bacon with a fillet knife. (Sorry, finger.)

4) Do not set a hot lantern on uneven ground. (Sorry, shin.)

5) Do not pet your boyfriend's family's dog with your foot. Despite having been friendly for three years, apparently he will turn into a sudden murderous ball of rage and your boyfriend will have to punch the dog in the face to remove him from your leg. (Sorry, calf. Just be glad we were wearing jeans, or half of you would be gone. Also, sorry, brain. We should really work on that fear of strange dogs thing you've developed since.)

6) Do not get all the way to ten centimeters and then find out your baby is breech. (Sorry, pelvis. I know that second kid was just insult to injury.)

7) Do not require surgery to fix problems resulting from failure to comply with #6. (Man, pelvis, you just can't win.) 

What are your best scar stories? Head over to YA Highway and play along! (Then come back and enter my t-shirt giveaway!)

April 5, 2011

YA Deals By The Numbers

Kate Hart
Last month I broke down YA deals from the past year by genre. Per your suggestions, today we're looking at a few more statistics, including this very simple question: How many YA deals last year went to debut authors?

Interesting coincidence: The number of six-figure deals reported across all genres was also 17%.

I assume the majority of those unreported deals fall into the "nice" category. You can see, however, why I didn't bother breaking down deal size for debuts. There's just not enough data.

Another commenter wanted to know how deals broke down by size-- not monetarily, but by number of books sold.

Single deals still rule the school, although next time I'll try to break down single vs multi-book deals by genre, and I suspect we'll see some interesting trends.

Any other requests? :)

  1. I'm terrible at math. 
  2. "Debut" includes only deals that specified such in their blurb.
  3. Any deal that didn't specify two or more books sold was counted as a single title.
  4. These figures were taken from Publisher's Marketplace deal reporting. I didn't download any statistics from their website. 
    • I had a request for top YA agents and publishers, but those are stats PM provides, so graphing them would likely be a breach of my subscription terms.
    1. Some agents and editors choose not to list deals in Publisher's Marketplace, which means neither chart is a full representation of YA publishing.
    2. I haven't included the selling of foreign rights in these numbers.
    3. No really. My five-year-old is better at math than I am. I'm not exaggerating.
    4. Thanks for reading! :)

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