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April 5, 2011

YA Deals By The Numbers

Kate Hart
Last month I broke down YA deals from the past year by genre. Per your suggestions, today we're looking at a few more statistics, including this very simple question: How many YA deals last year went to debut authors?

Interesting coincidence: The number of six-figure deals reported across all genres was also 17%.

I assume the majority of those unreported deals fall into the "nice" category. You can see, however, why I didn't bother breaking down deal size for debuts. There's just not enough data.

Another commenter wanted to know how deals broke down by size-- not monetarily, but by number of books sold.

Single deals still rule the school, although next time I'll try to break down single vs multi-book deals by genre, and I suspect we'll see some interesting trends.

Any other requests? :)

  1. I'm terrible at math. 
  2. "Debut" includes only deals that specified such in their blurb.
  3. Any deal that didn't specify two or more books sold was counted as a single title.
  4. These figures were taken from Publisher's Marketplace deal reporting. I didn't download any statistics from their website. 
    • I had a request for top YA agents and publishers, but those are stats PM provides, so graphing them would likely be a breach of my subscription terms.
    1. Some agents and editors choose not to list deals in Publisher's Marketplace, which means neither chart is a full representation of YA publishing.
    2. I haven't included the selling of foreign rights in these numbers.
    3. No really. My five-year-old is better at math than I am. I'm not exaggerating.
    4. Thanks for reading! :)


    1. Thanks again for putting so much time into these graphs. I have a PM subscription, and it doesn't make this much sense to me!

      PS, your math skills MUST be better than mine! ;)

    2. Is it sad that the 17% seems great to me? It gives me hope...thanks for the graphs. :)

    3. Love your graphs. Thanks for the info!

    4. Amazing! I really look forward to the single/multiple book deal by genres charts.

      YOU ROCK!

    5. Looking at data visually is so much more enjoyable than scouring the PM lists. Thank you for putting so much time/effort into these!

    6. Love these graph posts! Can you remind me what the euphemisms 'nice', 'very nice', 'major' etc mean in real money? I did see an explanation online once but I've forgotten.

    7. Wow, you did so much work here. Thank you. I love seeing the breakdowns. And 17 percent doesn't sound too shabby to me.

    8. So glad it's helpful!

      Girl Friday, it's up to 50K, 50-100K, and above. I believe "major" is over $500K, but I'd have to double check.

    9. I love these charts! Thanks so much for making them.

    10. Good at math or not, you're making the numbers approachable. Thanks for that.

      East for Green Eyes

    11. All of these charts are great! Thanks so much for doing them, they're so interesting. I'm also surprised that 17% of deals are six-figure; I would guessed it was significantly less.

    12. I think these charts are great. It's good to know this info. Thanks for posting them

    13. This is great info! I'm a visual person so I love pie charts.

      Wish there was something like this out there for adult fiction. Fantastic job.

    14. Thanks for doing this again, Kate! Much appreciated.

      What I'm wondering is how many of those major deals earn back their advance. I always feel like that'd be the worst part of having a major advance. But my fears are so premature, it's laughable.

    15. Since we seem to be constantly hearing about multi-book deals, I am super shocked to see the number of (assumed) single book deals. Thanks for this!

    16. Nice work! Glad to see there's still hope for writers with single titles. :)

    17. Love the graphs! They help in visualizing the market (plus, the colors are pretty!) ;)

    18. Thank YOU for doing this! Inspite of not being great at maths.

    19. This is SO great! I'm inspired by the debut number. :)

    20. I'm so impressed by your pie charts! Math isn't my thing, either, but I'm sure I couldn't figure out a percentage to save my life :-)

      The debut percentage is particularly inspiring. Thanks for putting this together!

    21. I loooooove these charts. Thanks so much for sharing your findings. I guess the information is always in flux to some extent, but I think you've done an amazing job getting these figures.

    22. Thanks for posting these graphs. They've answered several of my questions. :)


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