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May 21, 2011

The Divergent Challenge: Amity

Kate Hart
Deb picked a heck of a week for us to try out the Amity faction.

Photobucket What's the Amity faction? It's a group from Veronica Roth's Divergent, and its members are kind, freewheeling people who value friendship, harmony, and peace. In the book, they mostly ride around in the backs of trucks playing banjos.

I ran with these kids in college. They followed Widespread around and spent the summer picking corn in Iowa. We took weird pictures (see left) and played a lot of Frisbee. I miss them a bunch.

At any rate, the beginning of my week was not the least bit interested in being Amity-like. You guys saw the Blogger fail, and real life was about the same.

Photobucket But as usual, the BFF came to the rescue. It's like she has a second sense for being in town at times I'm closest to losing my ever-loving mind. On Sunday, she stopped to buy bread so I could make the French toast I was craving. On Monday, her spouse brought over rockets to shoot off with my children. On Tuesday, she watched my kids when I got in a work-related bind and the husband was at his own job; then she helped me get them fed and in bed before midnight. (Okay, by nine-thirty.)

So while perhaps I was not a model of peacefulness and love this week (the YA Highway girls will attest to the many time I stopped in our thread to yell "GAAAAH"), I did stop to appreciate my amazing best friend and her amazing spouse.

Speaking of amazing spouses, I've been married to mine for almost ten years, and we're leaving today for a celebratory trip. We're not picking corn in Iowa, and we're not driving a truck, but we'll definitely take weird pictures, and our plans are pretty freewheeling. All we know for sure is that a) I won't be posting for about a week, b) we'll go to the Wichitas for some WIP research, and c)
we'll probably listen to some Panic bootlegs on the way, in honor of our Amity-faction days gone by.

See you guys in June!


  1. Ahh, it was a crazy week for you-- but you must acknowledge that you instigated and ran an amazing fundraiser that will be sending peace to some families who need it most.

    Now when I read divergent I will totally see amity as the phish-heads and spread-heads and stringcheeseincident-heads.

  2. Dude! Can I borrow your friend? :-)

    Seriously, ever since I had to get all 'grownup' and move away from my family my friends have saved my bacon (both mental and literal) more times than I can count. I think being attached to the military has definitely reinforced that a bit, because you never know where you'll be at times, and it's rarely near anyone you really know.

    Hope your next week is better.


  3. Have so much fun on your trip! <3 And I'm glad your BFF was there for you this week :) I mean, one of amity's points is friendship, so there you go!

  4. I now want to only make friends with people who own pick-ups and who play the banjo. That sounds like the perfect summer.

  5. Holy cow, woman, how long were you standing on your head in that photo? Your face looks like every ounce of blood in your body has been pooling in it for hours!


    Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

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