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June 13, 2011

Divergent Challenge: Dauntless

Kate Hart
DAUNTLESS: fearless, undaunted.
Undaunted: courageously resolute, especially in the face of danger or difficulty;not discouraged.

Listen, I love Vee Roth like Hagrid loves dragons, but I'm not jumping off any trains for her. The list of folks for whom I'd fling myself from moving objects is pretty short, to be honest. So when I took the faction quiz on Facebook, I was surprised to get Dauntless as my result.

But not shocked, I guess. My list of phobias is also pretty short: eels, fast-moving water, clowns. That pretty much covers it. I'm not a huge scaredy-cat. I just don't seek out risks just for the hell of it.* I back up my manuscripts three different places. I always wear my seat belt. I have health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, a retirement account, and if wrapping my entire family in plastic would keep them safe forever, you bet your ass I would.


What if it's not just for the hell of it? What if it's to take advantage of a terrifying but incredible opportunity? Or to follow a dream of being, say, self-employed, or published, or to live life on your own terms?

Well. Apparently, in that scenario, I'm your girl. Because I quit my job a few weeks ago. And I don't have another one lined up, exactly. We have *~*~plans~*~* and they are exciting and terrifying and whatnot, but they are no guarantee of a steady income.

red stapler shirt
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Or an income at all, for that matter.

I don't feel Dauntless. I feel daunted as hell. But I also feel like this narrow tunnel I was looking down has suddenly widened into all sorts of crazy offshoots, and none of them end in a cubicle. Debtor's prison, perhaps, but I won't end up wandering around demanding my red stapler and destroying copy machines with a baseball bat.

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*Clowns are TOO a risk! Who knows what kind of weirdo is inside that hula hoop-waisted costume, weird red nose and creepy face paint? STRANGER DANGER, y'all, and it goes up exponentially with over-large shoes. Just saying.

**Yes, our *~*~plans~*~* will give me more time to write, but no, writing is not the plan itself, don't worry. 

Also, thanks to the Twitterverse for coming up with some great "I love ____"s, including @samanthamabry's "I love you like Smithers loves Mr. Burns," @flamingo1325's "dog and steak," @angelicarjaxon's "Maggots + Roadkill," @deb_bryan's "Like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers love water!", @shelleywatters's "a germaphobe loves hand sanatizer,"and @erinbowman's "Like a fish loves water. Or, Harry Potter edition."


  1. Oh, wow, good for you! Congratulations and how wonderful to follow your dream. I think noncomformity is always daunting, but when you step outside the box, the possibilities are endless. So whee! Have fun. And enjoy all your dauntless new endeavors.

  2. For some reason, your Harry Potter edition link failed to work in the footer. And that's a shame, because the Harry Potter edition of "I love _____'s" is pretty awesome.

    Anyway, congrats on taking a leap of faith and quitting your job to pursue *~*~plans,~*~* whatever they may be. Maybe dauntless is your thing after all. :)

  3. There are all kinds of risks in this world, and not all of them involve claws, fire or dancing with a famous person on television.

    For some people, simply taking a step outside the front door can seem an unthinkable task. Internally, their sense of risk is no less than those idiots who jump off of buildings in squirrel suits. Furthermore, it's not any less meaningful when they face it down and beat it.

    I think you have to risk things to have an opportunity to grow and get the most from life. And heck, you only get one shot at the sucker, so why not roll the dice every now and again?

    Best of luck to you in whatever it might be, Kate. I only have your blog to go off of really, but you seem an exceedingly creative and tough-minded gal, so I'm sure you'll make the most of it!

    Just don't forget to take us along with you. :-)


  4. I remember quite vividly the day I quit my job. Sole bread-winner in the family, three kids (the youngest under two), and I decided to go out on my own. I wrote software, which is perhaps more lucrative than writing books, but no more certain.


    I consider myself a responsible person, and here I was doing this horribly irresponsible thing. But I had a dream, and it wasn't going to happen while I worked for anyone else.

    Fortunately, 14 years later, I am still out here, but now with a business selling software all over the world. My software. My dream. Heaven knows, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it.

    Be strong. Be brave (you've shown that already). Be prepared. Your dream awaits.

  5. I admire you for being so brave. You've taken the hardest step, so I'm confident you will make it work, no matter what. And remember your bountiful friends when the path gets narrow. You will always have support.
    Good luck! :)

  6. So this is the big decision you contemplated while camping, is it?

    (And BTW, my "loves ___" suggestion was inspired by our weekend hiking trip. I'm not always that morbid--okay, I usually am)

    Congrats on following your dream, and I hope your plans go well!

  7. That's so awesome that you quit your job - I hope there are many very exciting non-cubicle things in your future!

    Also, I'm pretty sure that clowns don't even count as a fear - I mean, is anyone NOT afraid of them?

  8. I'm going to go with one of my favorite quotes, which is from Garden State, which I no longer watch because it got really depressing once I had kids.

    "Have fun staring into the infinite abyss."

    I'm there. The abyss is cool. The margaritas are yum.

    Can't wait to see where it takes you!

    ps. Please never quit doing Field Trip Friday. It's the only reason I get out of bed on Friday.

  9. Raises hand and clears throat....I did the same three years ago and it's the best decision I have ever made! I've never been happier as the poorer earner of household income.

    We should *tawk* girlie. Good luck!!!

  10. Dude your future is gonna be so bright, you'll have to wear shades. I have much with the faith ;)

  11. I love you and your plans! And I can't say anything more awesome than what Kathleen just said so I won't even try. I will just say I agree with her.

    Also, I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY about the clowns.

  12. Yay, Kate! I'll let you know if I find the stapler.
    (Seriously, though--congrats on being brave and best of luck!)

  13. Congrats, Kate! I'm excited to hear more about your plans as they evolve. I'm certainly intrigued. :)

  14. WooHoo Kate! You go, girl! So excited for you!

    (and I think it's totally okay to feel daunted while acting dauntless. Actually, it probably makes you smart. Lol)

  15. Thank you all so so much. These comments are making me teary-eyed.


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