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June 29, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: June's Best Book

Kate Hart
Image Source My pick is the book I gave to the husband for Father's Day: 

Treehouses: Living a Dream by Alejandro Bahamón

Why? Because that's the new ~*~plan~*~ I mentioned a few weeks ago. We're starting a business building treehouses and playsets from recycled and locally sourced materials.

I write YA and my husband builds treehouses. Apparently we have both failed to mature past a certain point. Maybe we can sell cootie shots as a side business or something.

What's the best book you read this month? Head to YA Highway and leave a link to your post in the comments!


  1. It doesn't sound like you have failed to mature.

    It sounds like you are having fun!

    My hubs built a tree house for our kids that rocks. They are planning (together) to make it connect up with one in another set of trees across the yard one day. Like 2012 I'm thinking.


    I'll pay for my cootie shot in pogs.

  3. Know what would be awesome? If you sold one to The Excessively Large Family That Shall Not Be Named.

  4. So cool! Wow, I'm so excited for you guys. What a wonderful idea. Who doesn't love treehouses?

  5. That is awesome! (And good luck!!!)

  6. Cootie shots? Hilarious. Treehouses are pretty neat- I always wanted one as a kid.

  7. We just took that book out of our library, as inspiration for a fall project. I will say, the phrase "managing expectations" came up more than once as we leafed through! We are amateurs to the fullest - I expect something Griswold Family Vacation worthy when it comes time to actually build. Good luck with your plans!

  8. Whoa. Where are you? I want YOU to build me a treehouse - not for my kids - for me. :)

    I too failed to mature. Just one big kid, here.

    Looks awesome!

  9. I agree with Alison--you know how we all post those dream writing spaces? Combine the treehouses and writing, and you get one cool writing retreat. And for parents with kids, they could pull the ladder up and write in peace. You know, while the other parent watches the kids.

  10. Have a cootie shot given for free with each purchase!


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