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July 14, 2011

This is a fun new game I play.

Kate Hart
When I'm writing, I email drafts to myself periodically as a backup. The new rule is that I have to leave it unread.


This makes me insane, because I compulsively zero my inbox. (You can imagine how fun querying was.) That irritating little "1" is there to remind me I have THINGS TO DO SO OH MY GOD QUIT LOOKING AT RAINBOW CAKES ON TUMBLR AND WRITE MY DAMN BOOK.


The other new rule is that the unread draft email can never fall below the screen cut. This means I either have to respond to emails in a timely manner (no fair archiving things for later), or I have to write more (no fair re-emailing myself the same draft).

How do you torture yourself remind yourself to stay on task?


  1. I'm a compulsive inbox zero-er too! This sounds like an excellent motivator. I may give your game a try myself. ;)

    (And I have to say, the first thing I noticed were your pretty labels. That's my favorite gmail feature. lol)

  2. omg, I'm a compulsive zero-er too. This would drive me NUTS. Probably a great idea for motivation! ;)
    I do email myself drafts all the time, because I'm paranoid about losing them, and also because I go back and forth between 2 comps when writing (ohai work computer I should not be writing on...). Might have to try this game!
    Right now, the way I stay motivated is I take my shiny new laptop and head for the park near my house. The one without WiFi access. And then I have nothing else to do on the computer except for music or writing. So I space out for a while on iTunes and then get down to business :)

  3. I use folders. Or I guess Gmail calls them "labels."

  4. I have something similar going on in my inbox, too, actually. I have an IMPORTANT EMAIL and it is starred. And it has to stay above the fold so I can see it as a constant reminder that I need to be working.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only inbox zero-er out there. This sounds like it would drive me insane haha.

    I don't really have any ways of motivating myself...I try different things but none of them has stuck yet.


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