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August 2, 2011

a short lesson in perspective

Kate Hart
My husband broke our coffee carafe.

It's not a big deal. We can buy a new one. It's kind of amazing this one survived so long-- ten years and a few months, to be exact, which I know because the coffee maker was a wedding present.

But we haven't made it to the store yet. And in the meantime, I got a real life lesson in point of view.

When the carafe is broken, my instinct is to make coffee a different way. Namely, our press pot. This makes sense to me.

Other people would make daily runs to Starbucks. Or the locally owned coffee shop that's a lot cooler. They'd drink tea. Or Red Bull. Or instant coffee (gag). Maybe they'd buy a whole new coffee maker, or give up coffee entirely.

You may have guessed that my husband did none of these things. He did this.

coffee pot

My reaction went like this:
1) "Oh my god, what is wrong with him?"
2) "That looks terrible."
3) "I can only imagine what [my mom/grandmother/mother-in-law/the other moms at my kids' school/the BFF/the male BFF/any number of other folks] would think."
4) "The coffee he made this morning tasted fine."
5) "He didn't even make a mess."
6) "Oh right. This is why I love him."

Because it really doesn't matter. He temporarily solved the problem in a manner I find odd. His thought process isn't the same as mine. But the end result was better than mine-- press pot coffee has grinds in the bottom-- and who cares what any number of people would think (especially considering they'd all think different things anyway?). That's why I love him. He makes me see things in a different way.

And that's kind of important. Especially as a writer.

How would your characters fix a coffee pot?


  1. Aww <3

    This actually happened to me in January. I (silly silly) thought that I could wash my entire coffee machine in the sink, and naturally it fizzed out. So at 11:45p I put on sweats, ran to the nearest CVS and forked over $25 for a new coffee maker. I may have also had several heart attacks (WHAT WOULD I DO IN THE MORNING?!) before this idea dawned on me. XD

  2. "This" character would fall into the fetal position or start lighting things on fire until coffee magically appeared in his cup and/or pot. Coffee is that important ...

  3. That is exactly what my husband would have done. They're problem solvers, ya know. It makes them feel good to do things like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. ahhh, i love this post.

    also, i think your husband is really cute. (i saw his picture on kirsten hubbard's blog, i think. i hope i don't sound creepy right now. yikes.)

    and now i'm having all kinds of fun thinking about how differently all of my characters would solve this coffee-pot problem.

  5. hah, my hubby would have done the same thing your hubby did.

  6. Love this post, Kate. My hubby is an engineer and we see almost everything differently. He probably would have done exactly what your husband did. A simple and brilliant solution.

    "He makes me see things in a different way." <-- So great. We all need people that challenge us to do this!

  7. this is such a great perspective sharing post! my husband and i are basically opposite in almost every possible way, so chances are, his solution would've been something that hadn't even occurred to me as well.

  8. Great post and great analogy. I never would have thought of using a pot, so kudos to your husband.

    Everyone's process is different. One of my characters would have done the same thing, while the other would have thrown the coffeemaker against the wall in a tantrum.

  9. I love this post. Sometimes I laugh at my husband when he has ideas that I think are odd, but then I realize it's just a Mars/Venus thing and his ideas are actually pretty good.


  10. This is awesome. Your husband is a brilliant man, but apparently in a very different way than you a brilliant woman. And that's pretty cool (and makes a great writing lesson... thanks!) :)

  11. So glad you guys liked it!

    And Aleeza, I told him and he laughed. I think he's cute too. :)

  12. That is hilarious!


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