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September 13, 2011

Accents and Auctions

Kate Hart
article Wow, busy week at my house! In addition to some local media coverage of our family business, I'm guest posting today about how you talk funny and so do your characters: "On Dialect and Dialogue" at Adventures in Children's Publishing.

I'm also one of three interviewees in this month's issue of The Writer magazine. That means I got to walk into Barnes and Noble and buy a magazine with my picture in it, which was pretty much insane. I believe you can also buy copies online or for your e-reader at their website.

But while we're on the subject of auctions and insanity: go check out Read For Relief, which is raising money to support Hurricane Irene victims. They have some fantastic items up for bids, including signed books and ARCs, feedback from agents and editors, and a Vermont prize pack from my girl Steph Kuehn. And keep an eye out for a big critique package from YA Highway!


  1. Great post at ACP and congrats on the interview!

  2. Look at you, all in a magazine and stuff!


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