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September 14, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: What Goes Around

Kate Hart
This week I'm calling the Road Trip Wednesday shots at YA Highway and I want to know:
What themes or settings or scenes or motifs find their way into your work over and over?

My answer is:

sexual politics
screwing with radios
and arguing about music
mouthy girls
and good ole boys
and hiking in the woods
people eating
at various tables
all the freaking time
and dancing
and bechdel tests
and parents that actually exist.

the end.


  1. "and parents that actuially exist" Ha! Love it!

  2. You sold me with good ole boys, eating and parents!

  3. I love your take on this... it's almost poetic. Good work, lady!

  4. mouthy girls! Heck, yeah. What a great list.

  5. Yaaaaay eating. I hope you include some delicious descriptions.

  6. You made me look up a new term! Bechdel test. Very interesting. How have I not known about this? Love the list, Kate!

  7. Awesome list! I love the "parents that actually exist" line :D

  8. "screwing with radios"

    Actually, this reminds me a lot of my own childhood years...

  9. parents that exist???

    Your book doesn't just put all your teens in a boarding school? Kate, that's not very FACTS OF LIFE of you. :)

    what keeps coming up in my book??? hmm...despair. drama. boundary-pushing gender politics.

  10. I love how you wrote this out. I also have to say I'd love to know how you include screwing with radios. (I'm guessing these aren't Ham Radios, right?)

  11. I love this list, especially "all the freaking time" (which I feel like tagging onto a lot of my repeated motifs) and, of course, "parents that actually exist." This was such a great prompt!

  12. I love this post. The way you put it together's cool. And parents that actually exist? Yes, please!

  13. I can't believe I forgot to list food! It must be because I've pretty well covered that in other posts.

    In my first book, living parents are absent (but she can communicate with ghosts, so that doesn't necessarily mean goodbye) and in my second, the MC's great-uncle is pretty important to her. I tend to write more about "created families" than "related families". Ooo, another motif.

  14. Haha! Love this so much! You hit all the important stuff. Nice touch. I always seem to forget to feed my characters. They probably hate me. :)

  15. I love the list and the picture! And I like a nice good ole boy :)

  16. Love your answers to this! Parents that actually exist - awesome.

  17. I loved "screwing with radios and arguing about music" made me laugh when I read it.

  18. yay for mouthy girls and parents who exist!

  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one with characters who eat a lot. They definitely take after me in this respect.

  20. mouthy girls and music.... sounds so much like me and my friends!!

  21. At first I read "people eating" as a connected verb, i. e. eating people. I was like, Whaaaa? That would be wicked awesome! But people eating food is wicked awesome too because food is wicked awesome. (Hah! I fit the phrase 'wicked awesome' into a comment 4--wait, 5 times! I am ... cool. ^_^)


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